Friday, March 22, 2019

sorting and sewing

With a little bit of hmmming, and hawing, and head scratching, I have put two rows of the double wedding ring quilt together. And not just any two rows. The outside row and row 2.  It looks pretty good. and it was just a question of me being very careful to double check what was next to what when I sewed.
Just because of the sheer bulk, I will join 2 rows  together first and then join 2 sets together.

Most of the week I have been sorting through my green scraps in an attempt to find some order to the scrap chaos. This was my 2 1/2 in strip bin.

This is after sorting the big pieces of strips and stacking them to order. I am not thrilled with the colors, they seem dark and grumpy.

And this is the short pieces that I decided I would just decide and cut for many of my on- going projects. It feels good to get it organized.

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  1. How gorgeous is that quilt going to be! Great job.

  2. Nice work on your DWR! I made a king size DWR several years ago, and also found it easier to put rows together in sets of two, then join two of those sets, then join the larger chunks of rows. It's tricky manipulating all those curved seams along the row!! Great job here!

  3. You are a lot braver than me making a wedding ring quilt. It looks fantastic!

  4. You are making great progress!