Sunday, March 17, 2019

stash report March 17, 2019

My Christmas cactus is blooming. With the weird winter we have had, I am not surprised it is confused. What does surprise me is that the blooms look almost pink, and they are supposed to be red. hmmm

Craftsy sent a coupon to me for an additional amount off, and I found 2 fat quarter bundles I thought were great.

Stash report

Fabric Used this Week 1 yard cozies
Fabric Used year to Date: 73.5 yards

Fabric Added this Week: 9.5 yards
Fabric Added Year to Date: 95.5 yards
net fabric: 22 yards bought more than used

I have one corner completed on my hexagon quilt, which makes it portable again. I wasn't sure, until I finished a corner how to finish it. But I did know that, if I just made rosettes, I could go forever without finishing it. And the work on that corner, convinced me it isn't big enough. I can start making at least a few more rosettes during waiting times, and in the car.

I sewed more than 15 minutes every day - it was a good sewing week.

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15 min to stitch at life in pieces


  1. looks like you got some good deals - I am awaiting a book I ordered - I hope I like a lot of patterns in it and not just a couple!

  2. My Christmas cactus is still blooming too.
    You've got some really great fabrics in those bundles.

  3. Love that patriotic bundle you picked up. It's always helpful to figure out the next step in a project, sometimes that takes me years. Congrats on all the stitching time last week. Hope this week is as good. Thanks for linking up with the 15 Minute Challenge this week.

  4. Good for you on the corner. So many of us don't ever figure that part out. =) Your Christmas cactus is beautiful, and about 4 times the size of mine. The blooms seem to change colors from time to time. My pink one was almost pale enough to be white last time it bloomed. I think it has to do with soil content. But ask at the nursery!