Sunday, March 3, 2019

stash report March 3, 2019

Stages of grief of a fabricholic

1. denial - sure I have a lot of fabric, but not that much and I need everything for projects I plan on doing. I just need a better organization system and spend a little more time focused on my projects. And I will just focus on finishing and then everything will be sunshine and happy sewing.

2.  anger - I can't find anything, it's a mess. Why can't I keep up and finish everything. It's not fair that quilter's keep enticing me with new inspiration. finishing takes longer than cutting and piecing combined and stupid mundane stuff still needs to get done which is seriously cramping my quilting time.

3. bargaining - ok, I just won't buy any more fabric or start any more projects. I won't worry about the whole mess just a little at a time, accomplish what I need, and then move on. I can make lists, set goals, stay focused. But, if I do buy or find more at the thrift store, I will find a nice home for it. One at a time and stay on top of it. I will share with others. Maybe use the one in, one out idea. when I am even older I won't be able to buy any at all, so, I am going to need all of this one day.

4. depression - well, that didn't work, nothing works, it is still out of control - all the fabric is still so pretty and every piece is still so lovely. My children will hate me when they have to go through it. Oh wait, who cares. No one else has this problem and my stash is bigger than all the other quilter pictures I see. Oh no - I am doomed - Maybe I will just quit quilting. I will just buy what I need when I need it rather than look for it here in the mess.

5. Acceptance. - I like quilting and I like fabric and I like bargains and the thrill of the hunt. I can't purge that from myself and why would I want to ignore it. I need to quit stressing over the quantity and mess and enjoy and be grateful I have such a blessing in my life. creativity is rarely tidy

so, obviously, I will not show what has come in the house this week, but concentrate on what left in the form of a finished quilt.

Stash report

Fabric Used this Week 25 yards -celtic solstice
Fabric Used year to Date: 71 yards

Fabric Added this Week: 0 yards
Fabric Added Year to Date: 71  yards
net fabric: 0 yards bought more than used

last year 2018, I had already used 115 1/2 yards of fabric
and added 33 yards to the stash

Most of the hand stitching I am doing for my long term hexagon project is done with the big part of the quilt. I am adding filler blocks to 2 of the edges. But, while Hubby was in the hospital, I was able to work on individual rosettes that I can add at home. It was a bit more portable.

I sewed more than 15 minutes every day but 1.

I am linking to:

sunday stash at quiltpaintcreate

15 min to stitch at life in pieces


  1. LOL I'm definitely in the anger stage because I waste so much time looking for things. Adding more to the mess doesn't interest me right now, thankfully.

  2. Thanks for the giggle today!
    Love seeing those pretty rosettes... enjoy your fabric collection and your slow stitching!

  3. I love your stages of grief of a quilter definitions! Count me grieving. Not really - I'm at the acceptance stage. Thanks for sharing!

  4. I have stash beyond life expectancy too. But it is so fun to play with... and it’s not busting through my walls yet! I will carry on.

  5. Love your "stages" and can identify with every one! LOL!

  6. Love the "stages" also! It is so spot on!! :) Hope everyone has a fantastic week!

  7. Thanks for the chuckle. I can relate to every stage lol

  8. Hope Your Guy is home and doing well. That has to make for a scary weekend. Love your hexie projects, such pretty blocks. Hope this week is less eventful and you can use up more of he stash. You definitely nailed the stages. I'm on a fabric diet, which is just as hard as a caloric diet, but I'm feeling better as I've got more out then in. Which feels pretty good.