Sunday, March 31, 2019

stash report March 31, 2019

We are caught in a time warp...

Another sale at bluprint, and I had just seen podunk pretties talk about her favorite type of fabric, and I love her quilts, so I bought these.

Stash report

Fabric Used this Week 0 yard
Fabric Used year to Date: 73.5 yards

Fabric Added this Week: 3.5 yards
Fabric Added Year to Date: 99 yards
net fabric: 25.5 yards bought more than used

My Christmas snowflake workshop was yesterday, and I was really impressed with the turnout and diligence of the talented quilters who spent their Saturday with me. There were 12 making the quilt and 4 observing.

Some were sitters...

and some were standers.. I am mostly a sitter, which are you?

We had 2 really new quilters and a machine sharing.

Halloween is a cute idea.

Everyone was able to make each of the paper piecing foundations before they went home.

 I was on my feet more than usual at the workshop, so this will be a slow feet up kind of day with a little hexagon piecing and a little bit of binding to do.

I stitched 15 minutes every day this week just on clean up duty. As I was tidying from projects, I'd find little bits, that I just had to sew a few minutes before I put it away. I am easily distracted from cleaning.

I am linking to:

sunday stash at quiltpaintcreate

15 min to stitch at life in pieces


  1. Pretty new fabrics, great turn out for the Snowflake workshop.

  2. Looks like everyone had a good time. Pretty fabrics in.

  3. I am a sitter too. Lots of cool snowflakes will be made I am sure. Such a pretty pattern.

  4. Oh, I am definitely a sitter. Love your new fabrics, they are so pretty.

  5. Looks like a really fun class. Hope you were able to rest up afterwards.

  6. How fun to teach a class - I am mostly a sitter, but some days I wish I could raise my machine to sew standing!