Tuesday, April 23, 2019

Spring fever

I have felt a bit overwhelmed of late, as Spring has presented a whole new list of  things to do. Our neighbors have already mowed 3 times, and we have a dead battery on our lawn mower. It's not like we have officially declared it Spring. We had a light coating of snow Monday morning, and it was 76 degrees yesterday. No wonder we are confused.
In the sewing room, Spring fever has me wanting to clean, rather than sew. And every time I clean, I find new tangents to distract me. I am so blessed with wonderful fabrics, and tools, and little bits of scraps, and projects.
I have started the assembly of the scrappy twirl quilt. Some of the blocks had gone rogue, but are found again.

And, I have been adding florabunda blocks to the group as time permits and as leader enders.

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  1. I love the block you are making. I too have been cutting grass but not enjoying it as much this year as our lawn mower is old and getting harder to use! it needs an overhaul badly but hubby says we really just need to buy a new rider and I'm beginning to think he might be right

  2. The twirl blocks are so fantastic! I just love the black with all those pops of color!

  3. The florabunda blocks are adding up nicely. Looking good!