Friday, April 12, 2019

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Remember how full my closet is of quilts to be quilted? This is one of them. Sister's 9 patch is a quiltville quilt that I thought had been done for awhile, waiting in the closet to be quilted. I told myself I can not start anything new, until, I quilt a quilt, of my own, from the closet. I grabbed this one.
But, it is not ready. The back wasn't actually pieced and then, I realized it needs borders as well, and binding.

 This was the first finished quilt block from a student in the workshop I taught. It is wonderful and scrappy. I was thrilled when she sent the email.

This is a donation quilt Linda made.

And her snowflake block using scrappy reproduction fabrics. In our Friday group, we had 3 people making their snowflake block.

And, Sue was doing a bit of binding for a cute great granddaughter quilt.

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  1. That snowflake block is lovely! t's always nice to hear back from students and see their work, isn't it?
    I'm stopping by from Wendy's Linky Party, hope you'll stop by my blog too...