Friday, May 10, 2019

tiny tuesday blocks

I am still rearranging my sewing room, and sewing on a project is a challenge, but I need to catch up on my tiny Tuesday blocks from the rainbow scrap challenge. At my age, finding a new, albeit a better place, to put something, takes a little time to remember it. I keep wanting to go back to the old place.
I turned my iron on and waited and waited for it to get hot, but it wasn't plugged in to the outlet...yet.
This is the courthouse square for April from so scrappy.

And the spinner block from Academic quilter

And the shoofly block from Bea Quilter that I just needed to frame.

The Tiny sampler is so cute and fun to make. I still have 2 aqua blocks and 1 orange block to do to be on schedule.

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  1. Love these little blocks! Do those squares at the center of two of them finish at 1/2 inch?!

  2. those are all nice blocks - lately I have been feeling like making a log cabin quilt again - it has been a long while since I made one

  3. Ooh, I love your colors!! I am sorely tempted to start making these blocks!!

  4. Those are turning out so nicely! I love all your different turquoise prints!

  5. Oh, those used to be's!! I changed my studio around 3 YEARS ago to accommodate a new-to-me longarm quilting machine. I'm STILL looking in the old spots!! Ugh...

  6. Your blocks look great. I hope you come back and link up your finish once the quilt top is done. Thanks for linking up with Thank Goodness It's Finished Friday.