Saturday, June 22, 2019

liberty sewing

I did have a finish yesterday - yay me
I guess working on this quilt is the most blue sewing I have done this week for the rainbow scrap challenge. This is one of those "I didn't see it coming" projects. It isn't even on the list of important finishes I want to get done. But, once I sorted it out, I just had to keep working on it. I have been piecing the squares to go around the framed pieces and join them together.

I did put the point on the blue crayon - what an effort.

I made letters with blue scraps using Lori Holt's abc book.

What I really have wanted to do this week is clean and fold stash. I have my eye on a Billy bookcase from ikea, and, I have to clean up enough space to have room for it.

lots of blue inspiration at:
rsc19 super saturday


  1. I love your letters. Hooray for the blue crayon.

  2. Your Liberty quilt looks like a neat one! Are the drum and firecrackers appliqued? I really like the pieced blocks that go around them!

  3. A new project is needed from time to time, helps keep life fresh!

  4. Seeing your letters each month makes me want to make an alphabet quilt. Nice job on using up some dark BLUE scraps!!

  5. You can't go wrong with red, white and blue quilts and this is certainly the right time of year to be working on one! I like the additional touch of tan that you have incorporated too.