Monday, June 10, 2019

storms and garden party

Uh oh - tree limb on top of house. We didn't hear it come down in the storm. But, this is an ash tree and has been infected by the emerald ash borer. We have been nursing it, trying to save it for 2-3 years. Some of the branches are dead, but some are still very alive. It may not have taken much to get the branch down. We called in reinforcements ( our son) and it was removed. I am so glad he is still young enough. I don't think we are.

I have my first blocks for garden party ( a Bonnie Hunter pattern ) finished. I had this cut 2 years ago and put in a project box with the idea that I had cut it all. I grabbed the box and took it with me to Friday sewing group. It wasn't long before I realized I hadn't cut the neutrals. I made a quick trip home to grab a few. Since it has been awhile since I cut them, it has been fun to see them come together - little surprises. Garden party is one of my goals for the year as a new, to start, project. The pieces are small, but it is really easy to put the block together.

My other new start, for the year, is sand castles. I am still slogging through the 4 patches. As long as I am making progress, I am happy.

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  1. might be time to have the tree cut down? We had one cut that grew next to the house cut down last year, it kept dropping branches too - it was a huge tree and didn't want the house damaged. I hate having to have big trees cut down they provide so much shade in the summer

  2. Those Garden Party blocks are lovely! I'm glad the tree limb didn't damage your roof. You have a lovely home and those mature trees are fabulous -- we don't have that where I live because the neighborhoods were all farmland 20 years ago.

  3. Love Garden Party and yours is no exception. Love the scrappiness. The blocks are sweet and, yes, tiny. My guild's quilt show was last weekend and we had one hanging. It was stunning! You just can't beat a Bonnie Hunter pattern! Lol!