Monday, June 3, 2019

strings and organization

This is the first time in a long time that I could see this much floor in my sewing room. I am pretty excited. On the other hand, the reason I can see it, is because the flat surfaces are now covered again. And when I want to sew, I will move everything to the floor, and the cycle will continue. Hopefully, every time it goes back and forth, the mess will shrink, as I figure out what I am going to do with odds and ends of stuff.  Do you have little bits of this and that with no real home? - one package of fancy buttons, one zipper, one water soluable stabilizer...

I was so excited about the floor I bought a fatigue mat for it. I found it at Sam's club and it is actually pretty. The wire baskets contain my scrap bins. Any piece less than a half yard but not a fat quarter goes here.

My next goal is to finish the cutting table area, but someone keeps cutting fabric there and making a mess.
I did make more string blocks and I am playing with how to set them.

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  1. always nice to get the sewing room cleaned up and make it a little more organized.

  2. Always makes me feel good to return order to my sewing room so I can mess it up again lol. I see you have a fabric cutter. I do also, and would love to see your thought process as you cut your scraps. I had a die made to cut scraps into Bonnie's recommended sizes and just need to make the time to use it more often. I found I wasn't using the 3.5" strips. I now have a use for them since I bought the Go Pineapple block die and they work perfectly with it!

  3. These days most of my quilts are scrappy.remnants and strings and small sizes. I find it a fun challenge to have them play nicely together. My yardage usually sits for backings. Cleaning out the sewing area helps till i mess it up again lol

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