Tuesday, October 22, 2019

pineapple template

I have been anxious to pull out the pineapple project bin, and get back to making these blocks.
I was also worried that I wouldn't remember how or what I was doing.
This is the kind of quilt that makes scraps so much fun.

I am using the creative grids template which makes it easy to remember what I need to do.

I had 4 blocks I was working on at a time and they are now trimmed and ready for the next round.

I thought I would try to find the mini pineapple ruler in the wild, until I saw this quilt at the last quilt show. That is tiny. But, then it motivated me to revisit my project, so I am still going to look for the ruler, and, then, decide.

I started it here and here.

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  1. I don't have the pineapple ruler - it looks interesting!

  2. I've used the creative grid pineapple tool and really like it! Makes putting the blocks together so easy. That mini really does make small blocks - which will be perfect for your scraps. Nice to see you using up scraps!

  3. I loved that Pineapple quilt too, must find me the ruler also. Great for all those scrap strips I keep cutting.

  4. Hi Maggie! Oh, that pineapple ruler quilt top would have made me want to make my own version as well. Your blocks are looking good to me! Thanks for linking up today. ~smile~ Roseanne

  5. Your pineapple blocks are coming along nicely. I've heard of that Creative Grids pineapple template but haven't seen one "in the flesh" or tried it for myself. Does it only work with a certain strip width for the pineapples, and can you make your block finish at any size or is their a max size that the ruler will work for?