Monday, November 11, 2019

garden party

I have a corner of garden party together. I am very thrilled with how it looks. That is why I am a scrappy quilter. I love how a quilt with disparate fabrics can look like they were meant to be together. If I wax philosophical, that is how great human relationships are created. Enough, deep thinking, scrappy quilts are just fun.  I started sewing this quilt 6 months ago, and I have made great progress.

I have already been thinking about 2020 and what I want to accomplish. Thankfully, this year has been about a great fabric upheaval, and sorting, and a bit of organization. I hope next year will be about settling into the new storage, and finding what I want to make. Especially if the fabric part of quilting is easily accessible.
I start rehab for my back today, and that could be the end of my energy for a time.
I am happy with my finishes totals for the last years and I want to continue.
I really like the rainbow scrap challenge, but I am not sure what I want to make with that, yet.
 I have a new rug hooking project gifted by someone who isn't in love with the project anymore. I am still working on the snowmen rug, so I won't start it right away.

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  1. good luck with your rehab - I am entering into the second week of PT on my neck/shoulder and I think it is starting to work - thankfully the treatment has not been painful other than the deep tissue massage - which kind of hurts while it is being done but feels better at the same time if you know what I mean.
    I love your quilt - that is so pretty - being a scrappy quilter too I love how all the color plays

  2. I have lots of 2019 projects started that need to be finished in 2020, so that will be my focus. GP looks great!

  3. Such a cheerful quilt! Good luck with the back rehab -- I have arthritis in my lower back and thought I was doomed two years ago, but thankfully physical therapy, stretching, massage, and some dietary changes have yielded encouraging results.

  4. Your garden party is really great. I love how the black and white works with the bright colors with them. You've done really well getting so far in 6 months -- that quilt has a lot of little pieces. Hope PT goes well and doesn't drain your energy.

  5. Your Garden Party is beautiful! Great job on getting the corner put together. Way to thinking ahead on your 2020 goals, especially since it is coming up so quickly! I hope your PT goes well for your back, and helps you heal and feel good as new.