Wednesday, November 13, 2019

purple lantern block

I have another tiny tuesday block finished from the rainbow scrap challenge. I used a batting design board to lay the pieces the way I wanted them to go. I think the block was called lantern.

I sewed each row. The smallest purple went with the largest neutral, and so on.

And, then, I sewed the rows together. It needed a trim.

This blocks is set with a straight border finishing at 7 inches

We have had a big snow with single digit temperatures, We are not used to it this so early. But, it is so pretty, and, the colder it is, the more likely to include sunshine.

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  1. we didn't get snow like that but we got the cold too - I can't stand thinking about a cold winter - I hope it goes away and temps come back to normal around here - 20 in the AM is too cold for me!! (but the snow sure is pretty)
    love your purple block

  2. Congrats on getting another Tiny Tuesday block done for the Rainbow Scrap Challenge!!

  3. I really like your scrappy block.