Monday, December 30, 2019

2020 quilt goals

I have been thinking and thinking about next year's goals. I have spent at least two years working on ufos and I have finished more than I thought I could. But, I am wishing to do something new. I've noticed I went crazy with new, so we will see. I was trying for a top 10 for the year, and next thing I knew, I had 20. I am going to leave it that way, and see how I do. It is 2020 after all.

1. editya sitar baskets - new -I bought this in Utah after my daughter - in - law's passing.

2. double wedding ring - ufo - I think I have one maybe two more seams to do.

3. houses from swap - ufo
4. jamestown landing - ufo
5. circa 1880 - ufo
6. stella cyranna - ufo
7. portage lake - new
8. blue ridge beauty - ufo
9. 1/2 square x mas tree 2012 - ufo
10. hanging lanterns - new
11. just for fun - new
12. black sheep - new but last year's goal
13. gobble gobble - new
14. swinging checkerboard - new
15. scrappy sandwiches - new
16. fairy tale - new
17. ode to joey - ufo
18. big sky bear - new
19. impressionist - new
20. norwegian snowflakes - new
21. show off - new
22. radio waves- new

8 out of 22 are ufo

Yes, I have added two more. sigh....
I want to do more charity quilts this year and I have two new rainbow quilts, and two, that I need to do again this year.
I had 16 finishes last year and all but 3 were ufos.
341.50 yards used.
I need to severely limit fabric and scraps coming into my house. But, I don't want to do that. sigh... I can't think of a goal that I think I will keep. I have thought about saying no more scraps, but I like them more than fabric. Fabric is so expensive... but, there are some great deals that are hard to resist. How do you manage your purchasing. I have enough fabric to make quilts until I am 200. I plan to give away fabric, until I start sorting, and once I touch it, I am smitten. sigh...

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  1. the way I manage my fabric buying is that I have no shops to go to locally so all must be on line - when I get on line and select things before I hit buy I take a good look at the order and my shelves and a lot of the time I will delete the basket and not order. but saying that I did order last night from Bluprint as the sales were good and all I purchased was 2.30-2.80 a yard!! it was too good to pass up. I do continually have to remind myself to look at my fabric first before I buy. Good luck on your UFOs I am really going to try to finish mine this year.

  2. I can relate to all of your comments. I love playing with scraps, but can't resist a great deal on sale fabrics. I need to get rid of some of my fabric, but can't bear to let go of any when I start trying to purge. Too many UFOs, but it's no fun without some projects to keep me interested. I just keep plugging away and try to concentrate on enjoying the process.
    Happy new year!

  3. Your last paragraph--I can so relate. You said it perfectly. I also love scraps more than fabric! As to getting rid of some, I'll often say to myself, "Okay, just put ONE piece of fabric in the donate bin. Just one." And the minute I start trying to decide which one out of the tens of thousands I probably have...I can't do it! It's really strange. I can toss or donate all kinds of household stuff and non-cotton clothing, but not any of my bedraggled scraps. And fabric for 2-3 dollars a yard? Thirty yards please. What IS this affliction????

  4. I personally tend to only buy fabric for the projects I'm about to start, but I'm really ok having a small stash (which I know is not normal at all)! I hope that you have a lot of quilting joy as you work on your 2020 goals and whatever projects most speak to you in the year.

  5. What? Am I supposed to manage purchasing? I love my scraps and even more so now.i separated it by color and if pieces get smaller than a half fat quarter they are chopped into my bins of 2.5 squares and other sizes. I use them more that way. I am a scrappy lets sew this and see what I can make kinda gal and it is successful for me. My stash is new and old and scraps from others etc and I love it all.

  6. I think that if your fabric and scraps keep you smitten....then you should KEEP it ALL! :-) Seriously....this hobby of ours is for relaxation and happiness...
    After a serious de-stash over the course of 3 years...I now manage my purchasing by looking at what I'm thinking of buying and asking myself... "Sure, this is pretty....but do I reeeeeallly want to invest that much of my time into making it?"... If the answer is anything but a quick and happy "YES! This is worth my time"....then I buy it...otherwise, I don't buy it....and hopefully forget about ever seeing it! lol! This way I can be sure I will enjoy the process...
    I look forward to seeing your progress on the Edyta Sitar baskets quilt! :-)

  7. Good luck Maggie! You know the saying "so many quilts, so little time". We all have to figure out what we want - but hey, it's supposed to be fun, so enjoy!

  8. I'm in the same boat, though my new pile is only 8 new projects. You've got a great list to work from. So good luck, I promise to cheer you on with each finish. On the stash front, I'm in the same boat. I rarely keep my stash goals, so I didn't make any this year. I'm going to try to stay off the Connecting Threads site this year. Finishing quilts means lots of fabric for backings, so I'm hoping that helps but a small dent in the stash. Happy New Year!