Monday, December 16, 2019

frolic 2

We had a beautiful fluffy snowfall last night. I may not be so happy with it when I go to physical therapy this morning, and drive in it, but, it is a treasure to see.

The rows are starting to come together for Lucy's basket. It takes a little bit as I feel the need to pin it at every junction, and, there are many junctions. It is such a wonderful feeling to use swap blocks and revisit the memories. More here and here.

I have clue one and now, clue two finished for the frolic mystery quilt. The clues have been very easy, which is not very quiltville like. We may get socked with it later. Clue one here. If you haven't seen the other 18 quiltville mystery quilts I have made, they are here.

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  1. I hope your mystery will stay easy for you! and also hope the snow will not be a problem for driving to PT it sure looks pretty

  2. The basket quilt is looking really good. Love the colors you are using for the Frolic mystery. She did start us off easy. I need to get going on clue 3 before clue 4 comes out.