Wednesday, December 30, 2020

end of the year progress

I've made good progress on the country roads quilt I am making. Right now, it is the right size for the top of the bed. I think 2-5 more rows might be enough for a queen size bed.

I have this quilt on the frame. It is an older ufo that is part of my January one monthly goal. I haven't seen it in awhile. I like it....again. I didn't remember that it was so big.

Tuesday, December 29, 2020

to do: this and that

The new litterbug - how many masks do you count?

I have just been working on my country roads quilt top - trying to get it together. I have 16 rows together so far. I think I will need at least 4 more. And these are the longest rows. In between rows, I can sew leaders/and enders. It keeps me happy.

Angela at so scrappy let loose the color for January, early. We will be doing pink, so I have pulled the first project I want to do for that. Otherwise, it has been a little down time for sewing. I have been cutting scraps.

Monday, December 28, 2020


Next year, 2021, I want to work on my swap houses block quilt. Four of my quilting friends and I swapped little 4 1/2 inch houses in 2015

My friend, and one of the swap partners, suggested we bring them to the Saturday sew in, and, at least, take a look at them. Maybe, by doing that, our heads might start percolating ideas for the quilt. It did mine. I knew I wanted to have trees in the mix, so I tried a few and was hooked. They are busy, the houses are busy, so I will need a sashing, I think.

just need trimmed

One comment we both made, was how we had forgotten just how cute the houses were. I am looking forward to making that quilt next year.

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Saturday, December 26, 2020

phd 2021

I have had a hard time this year setting goals for next year. Maybe, because it has been an uncertain year. And yet, I finished the most ufo projects I have ever done in a single year. Now, that I think of it, I might be tired of finishing, but, I have many more to finish. I am not sure how to find the balance between finishing to accomplish, and starting new to enjoy. The more I stick to a list, the less I quilt.

Still, I've made my list for next year and the PHD 21.

1. Double wedding ring. This keeps showing up on my list of goals. It still intimidates me. I want to do the traditional scallop border....

2.frolic mystery quilt. This was last year's quiltville mystery and I had it done pretty quickly, but, I wanted to finish older ufos, and this was sidelined.

3. end of the rainbow. I think the white space makes me nervous to quilt. This was a rsc project for 2019. I really like it and hope to finish it this year.

And, with all the quilts I finished this year, I didn't finish any rainbow scrap challenge quilts. I finished the tops of 5 or 6, but, didn't get them quilted. And there are none on my 12 PHD2021 list. So, I need to fix that.

Oh wait.. I finished birch trees from 2018 rsc

and woven checkerboard from 2019

I think that is why I am trying to not start any new rsc projects this year, but, only finish them. I have a few to carry over. But, Angela has hinted there might be a group project.....I would HAVE to do that.

Monday, December 21, 2020

progress on country roads

 I have been anxious to lay out my country roads blocks and choose a setting. I have no idea how many blocks I will need, now that, I have decided on an on point layout for the blocks.  My first choice was the fabric for the alternate blocks. And, then, the setting triangles fabric. I am just using some favorite colors that I already have in the stash. I am using the companion ruler to cut the setting triangles, although, I know I have an actual setting triangle ruler somewhere very safe.

the first corner goes so fast

I laid it out on our bed to get an idea of how long I want the middle diagonal to be. And, I will go from there. At first, I was just making rows, but, I want to start sewing it together, since, I am always surprised at how much it shrinks up after sewing it together.

country roads is a free pattern that I have made for the rainbow scrap challenge this year.

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Wednesday, December 16, 2020

swingin checkerboard

I have a few minutes in the evening to sew on my treadle - I really didn't want to start a new project, but, I wanted to make a quilted twins quilt called swingin checkerboard, this year, and didn't get to it. So, I am giving myself permission to just sew a few strips together while watching conference in the evening.

That is, until, I become consumed with the project, and it takes over what I am doing. I have quilter's ADD, I guess. First, I just cut a few strip sets to see what they would look like, now, I am over half way with the pieces that I will need. This will be a great scrap buster.....

Swingin checkerboard is a free pattern here. Quilted twins  has fabric and many free patterns here

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Tuesday, December 15, 2020

to do: clean cutting table

I had a big milestone yesterday - I added the finished in 2021 tab to the top of the page. I felt hopeful. Not that I can't add one last quilt to 2020.

I think I need to spend the rest of this year cleaning up from all the projects this year, and, try to get a bit more organized for next year. First, I need to reclaim my cutting table. I find, that I will travel around the house to cut, since the cutting table is a mess. It's embarrassing, but, I am sure it will be fun rediscovering missing items.

The table next to my accuquilt looks like a mystery quilt exploded... and other messes.

But, I did get all the grassy creek number 2 clue finished. And they are cute.

And I need to level up Christmas with 

John Bytheway's 5-Minute Fireside: "Have Yourself a Level 3 Christmas"

Monday, December 14, 2020

grassy creek 2

Saturday was an all day sew day. And, I used the time to work on my grassy creek mystery quilt from quiltville. It seemed harmless enough... 25 sets of matching  blah blah blah. I didn't cut the pieces until the morning of, so, I didn't have a lot of time to think through the math. I just cut a bunch. I spent 3 hours sewing the pieces, and, I still wasn't done. 25 sets was actually 400 pieces. hmmm. I chained pieces in their sets, which was a little fiddley. I cut them after each set. 

After lunch, I sewed the chained sets into little blocks. I had 24 sets by the time I went home. I still need to trim and cut and sew the last set. For not doing the math, I was pretty lucky to be just one set short on pieces.

We had some great projects to see.

We did take a few minutes in the afternoon to play ring toss on the reindeer. It was a hoot, or should I say a snort.

We started the year, in January, with a retreat together, with no idea what the year had in store for us. By summer, we still had not known anybody that had covid. Now, all of us have heard of someone. The building we met in is in front of our walmart. I was shocked when I left for home, that all the walmart parking lot was full to the brim. Crazy people. 

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Saturday, December 12, 2020


I am sewing here and there on my current scrap projects, hoping to make some more progress before the end of the year. Can you believe we are nearly there? What a year.



stash buster and easy breezy

Friday group met, and, I finished all the blocks for country roads. It's time to decide if I want to put it in the ufo closet, or, dream up a layout, and, keep going. Today, I have a sew day, too. I plan on working on my snoopy wiggle quilt and grassy creek mystery quilt clue number 2.

getting close

I finished star gazing quilt yesterday. We even put up our tree this week. 

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Friday, December 11, 2020

star gazing finish

Star gazing is a Bonnie Hunter pattern in her book scraps and shirt tails. This is finish number 27 for the year for me. Many of the scraps for this quilt are upcycled shirts. I cut it out in 2014. It has been a top since 2017 after a back and forth visit to the ufo closet. It's a big quilt 82 x 82 and used 22 yards of fabric. I made mine one row bigger across.

 I think what happened was, I started this quilt as a the free pattern on Bonnie's site, and, I made the number of blocks for that one which doesn't have sashings. Then her book came out, and, the same pattern had sashings, and, I couldn't decide if I wanted sashings. So, I put it aside.
I decided I would do the sashings and get it off the UFO list. 

I did a free form pattern on the longarm. I used a sheet from the thrift store for the back, and black binding. I used a machine to attach the binding.

This quilt waited a long time for it's turn to be in the spotlight as a finished quilt. This will part of my phd 20 ufo project

Thursday, December 10, 2020

waffle blocks

As I am making postage stamp blocks, I am playing around with these cute little waffle blocks. They are trimmed to 5 1/2 and take 10 - 1 1 /2 inch squares. I found them to be very fun and addictive.

I decided I would sit and cut a bunch  of 1 1/2 inch strips for the framework. It takes 16 1/2 - 17 inch strip to cut a matching set. I was able to cut 106 sets in one evening. It helps that I have 1 1/2 inch strips already cut. I threw the leftovers back into the drawer, but, it would have been smart to have a plan for the leftovers.

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Tuesday, December 8, 2020

to do: flower hooking

I haven't been to rug hooking in a while. The pandemic, my hubby's retirement, and feeling behind has left me wanting to stay home. I had already decided, that, I didn't want to cart my big project (snowmen) out of the house any more. I picked a smaller, easier to carry project to take with me, when I go. I took a class last year for this project. And, I would like to see it move along..... I need to go to rug hooking.  And today is the day.

my work so far

the class sample

another classmate's work

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Monday, December 7, 2020

grassy creek mystery

We had a sew day, Saturday, and, I took grassy creek mystery quilt clue #1 as a project. I had 1/2 of the sets cut, and, I cut the rest while I was there. I managed to get them all sewn. I didn't trim them until I was home in the evening. I pressed them, and counted them, and was short a couple of sets. I have them done now. May I say, again, as I did last year, I don't like the matchy matchy way of making a scrappy quilt.

I had shopped for a good gold or two before beginning and didn't find any I liked. So, I turned to my stash, and found several smaller pieces. I thought I didn't have gold. Happy surprise.
Everyone had great projects at sew day.
Moda blocks

hexagon table toppers for Christmas

start of a donation quilt

Saturday, December 5, 2020

traffic jam binding

Yesterday, I posted my traffic jam finish. Today, I want to share a bit about a new experiment in machine binding I have been doing. One of the presenters at a guild presentation, this fall, mentioned, that, he used steam a seam when attaching his binding. I was intrigued and went to Joann fabrics that night to find what he used.

This is what I chose using a coupon. It was 2.39. I had decided that if that was too expensive, I might use the BYT and cut it myself. The package came with 2 rolls. 

I tried it the first time on my Big easy Christmas quilt, and, I loved it. Someone asked if I would share how I used it. I used almost half of one roll for that quilt.

I began by sewing the binding to the back side of the quilt. I press my binding a little short on the top of the binding, so, I can see that I catch the underside. I used 2 1/4 inch binding on traffic jam. I decided, I like it better with 2 1/2 inch binding.

I like to press the binding with the iron. The black in the picture is a shadow.

On the right side, I began unrolling the tape and pressing it to the binding. It doesn't have to be perfectly even or straight on the binding.

I take the paper part of the tape of as I press the binding over. It's a little sticky, but, not much.

It works great and stays stuck, and takes much less time than pinning.

I use an edge foot to sew it on the front of the quilt.

I don't mind if I catch it on the back, as long as it looks like part of the quilt, or, is nearly invisible. 
I started out hand sewing my bindings. I love doing it, and I like that look the best. But, I like making quilts, and I just couldn't keep up, anymore. My friends use the machine, and, they are much better at this than I am. I tried their way, and I felt like it was just as time consuming as hand sewing. This is a good compromise for me. I am still wanting to tweak my technique at the machine. I need to do a better job of stitching it on in the beginning. I need a better guide than the edge of my presser foot...... next time.
 Traffic jam and Big easy Christmas quilts haven't even used one roll. So, I don't think it is too expensive.

How do you bind? any tips?

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