Saturday, October 24, 2020

a bit of sunshine

I didn't do much yellow sewing for the rainbow scrap challenge. I have scraptastic star and the row x row to do yet. I cut the pieces for the row x row. I needed 104 each of yellow and white.

I chain stitched them together in groups of ten, in between other sewing. It gets a little boring otherwise.

I trimmed them each evening. They didn't need much trimming, but, I wasn't taking any chances.

Then I pressed them.

 I did sew 4 together.

Why didn't I do more? I was working to finish this quilt

patriotic boxy stars

My rainbow projects for 2020 with links:

Friday, October 23, 2020

patriotic boxy stars

I began this project as a finish with one missing inner sashing border. I fixed that by taking the other border off and adding 2 new ones in their place. I added an outer border, and then, the quilting began.

But, then, I had some kind of crud that was not covid - 19 ( negative test). It sat for at least a week. 

I finally finished it. This is a free pattern at quiltville. I had this scrappy project in a blog post here in 2018 and blocks here.

80 x 97

I used a flannel wide backing for the back, and, did swirls for the quilting. I gathered red scraps for a scrappy binding. I am thinking I will donate this to the veteran's home here in town, as soon as, I find out any rules.

This is my 22nd ufo finish for phd 20

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Thursday, October 22, 2020

leader and enders

I just wanted to sew a little, so I grabbed the leader/enders near my machine, and made a few. I haven't felt well - it wasn't covid. It has been hard to want to sew.

stash buster

I think I am on the mend, and these cute baskets are part of good medicine.

lil beauty baskets

easy breezy
happy sewing

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Tuesday, October 20, 2020

to do: new project box and giveaway

 I decided it was time to sort another project box. This one was a bit confusing. I am trying to be very hard core on making decisions, but, it is very difficult for me not to finish everything I come across, or rather, to believe I will finish everything. But, reality, says otherwise. 

I have labels on the boxes to help figure out what I was planning. Still, The black elastic doesn't appear to belong to anything in the box.hmmmm

I don't remember where I bought this panel, but, I loved it. I have had it in the back of my mind for a few years, trying to find a way to turn it into a quilt.

I have collected a gaggle of fabric that I thought would go with it. My first thought was that, of course, I would keep this panel, and work on it to finish it. But, the more I thought about it, I decided it was time to move it on to someone else.

These pretty blocks are labeled granny's flower patch. I don't remember them. I don't have any pattern on my records list by that name, and, a google search hasn't found anything like these. And, they are put together rather badly. But, there are 70+ of them. I am hoping, they aren't mine, but a garage sale purchase. I spent one evening of tv watching taking the centers apart. I thought, maybe, I can put them together better. 

I found this fabric pull with a pattern. I do remember this and I liked it. I am keeping this project and putting it in a newly organized container for future sewing.

 I found bag kits with no pattern. uh oh. They were labeled by the quilt store, so, a quick google search, revealed what the pattern looks like, and, it looked familiar. The one on the left is suzies's sack. I found the pattern right away in my pattern folder. I don't know, what I was thinking, that, I didn't store it with the kit. The two on the right are- what is in your bag pattern. That took some digging, but, I did find it. I don't do these kind of projects any more. 

patterns were not with the kits

I have a hard time letting things go. I can't do everything I want to do. 

now, from the last box, I have a gift away for any one who might want it. There are enough quiltsmart panels for 9 blocks. free to good home just leave a comment.

Saturday, October 17, 2020

more yellow sunshine

If it were not for the yellow in my rainbow scrap challenge blocks, there would be no sunshine in Indiana these days. We have had dreary dark days already. with a twinge of cold. Hubby had to clean out the garden with the threat of frost.  I have had a cold. How do you catch a cold in this sterile world these days.?

I am moving along on my blocks for October. It's hard to think, we are almost done with the challenge for 2020. I have a small basket of ufos to work on for next year. Most of my projects will be from sorting project boxes.

Irish chain

lemon sherbet


Friday, October 16, 2020

4 patch x finish

I began this 4 patch x in  January 2016. It's a bonnie Hunter pattern from her book more adventures with leaders and enders. I enjoyed the piecing, especially the 4 patches. There is something classic about random 4 patches made from scraps. I love yellow as a color, so, I had no trouble going with the same color scheme as Bonnie.

74 x 84

I used a vintage calico for the binding. Using something like that makes me smile. I know it was vintage, as it was only 36 inches wide. I used a left edge foot, and, attached the binding by machine. I had a 100% cotton sheet the right size for the back. I can't seem to quilt up the pile of waiting to be quilted. As soon as I quilt one, I recount, and, there is the same number. sigh.....

Thursday, October 15, 2020

stash buster

So funny.... definitely me

I have a few more stash buster 2020 blocks made. If I have a scrap that I can get a 3 1/2 inch strip and a matching 2 inch strip, I will put it back for this block. Then I cut it until I can't get any more matching sets. I have several repeats this way, but then the scrap is gone. 

I have a bin of 2 1/2 inch hsts and matching 2 1/2 inch squares. I cut the wedding ring blocks the same way. I need 16 hsts and 4 matching squares. I cut the hsts until I have 16, then, cut the matching squares. Any leftover hsts in a fabric that doesn't have all 16 I need, I throw ( gently) into a hsts box.

I have felt a little under the weather lately. I imagine it is just the changing of the seasons.

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Tuesday, October 13, 2020

to do: take it easy

 I had a chance to make easy breezy blocks, now that, the shoofly blocks are finished, Apparently, I am trying 2 sizes. The bigger one using 2 inch squares, and, the smaller one using 1 1/2 inch squares. So far, I am still using squares that I already have in my square bins. Eventually, I will have to cut from strips.

2 inch squares

oops, I see one turned wrong

more to do: finish the patriotic quilt so I can move on to my other projects.

Saturday, October 10, 2020

sunshine yellow

Yellow is the color of the month for the rainbow scrap challenge. Yellow is my favorite color, but, it doesn't look as lovely in my patterns as some of the other colors. hmmmm

country roads

tiny houses

I've been working to finish a couple of ufos. I finished Aunt Mary's double irish chain yesterday.

I ran into a snafu with the patriotic ufo. I discovered that I had 3 sashing strips for the inner border attached, but, not the fourth. It was nowhere to be found. I made the decision to unattach one of the borders, and make 2 new ones for the top and bottom. I think it looks ok. I would have preferred they all match. So, all borders are on the top, and, it is on the longarm frame ready for quilting. I hope I get to that today.

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 Irish chain
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country road
and now
postage stamp psp20

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Friday, October 9, 2020

thoughts on finishing

I made a commitment to finish this quilt a
nd a patriotic one, before, I would do any random sewing or work on wips. I did this because, I had reached overwhelm, with too many plates spinning in the air. With the additional end of the year approaching, I am losing steam. I have had a great finishing year, but I have started too many new projects, too. 

I bought this quilt kit at a blog hop a couple of years ago. I spent time making the pieces, and, eventually, assembled the top. It was much smaller than I had pictured in my mind... much smaller. I knew I needed to add to it, so, it went into the ufo closet. Last week, I was looking for a project I was hoping to finish at a workshop, and, I was confronted with how many ufos were actually in the closet. Hang my head in shame. It was classic out of sight out of mind. I have many really great projects that just need a little attention to be finished and marked off the list. 

Friday might - pull the quilt out of the box and take stock - no ideas
Saturday - an idea came to me, and, I made the first hourglass block
Sunday - I added the inner border - no thinking there.
Monday   made hour glass block using suzies scrap hour glass tutorial. The only math I did was deciding that a 4- 1/2 inch block would make a nice size border.
Tuesday - did a head calculation for how many hour glasses might fit on the quilt and made 55 of them
Wednesday - made half lengths of border, thinking I might have to do an insert in the center to make them fit
Thursday - the border fit perfectly, even making the corner the way I wanted. But, still not big enough.
Friday- decided to add the rest of the scraps in lengths around the outside, and, used all that was left minus a 3x5 inch piece
Saturday - I quilted it. 
Monday -I added the binding

I really like it, and it will have a special spot in my heart for all the "experimenting" and working on it until I liked it.

61 x 74

What I learned about myself during this experiment.
I really don't care if I ever finish, I like the process and being creative. Therefore, I don't have an inner voice prompting me to finish.
It was hard not therapeutically sewing, but, I did feel more in control of what I was doing.
I need to trust my feeling that something isn't to my liking, and work on that.
I renewed my appreciation for just how much time it takes to make a quilt.
I have more than enough wonderful ufos to last a lifetime. I need to make them the go to for a new project

Thursday, October 8, 2020

shoofly done

It's official, I have used all the 1-1/2 inch hsts that I cut and made for shoofly. I have 170 blocks of last year's leader/ender challenge. Bonnie Hunter does a challenge every year. This year is easy breezy. I have a few sewn of easy breezy, but, I wanted to sew all the shoofly blocks before I get busy on those.

the last ones..finally

and a few easy breezy

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Tuesday, October 6, 2020

to do: sort

A clean cutting table is such a tempting notion. first, I seldom see such a thing, why mess it up? But, that won't do.. it is a playground of exciting potential messes.  What can I cut? mark? pile? Unfortunately, it is hard to get to my clean table, there are a "few" bags of undecided "things" in front of it on the floor. So, there is the boring place to start.

I have a bag of  leftovers from other quilters gifted to me a while ago. I need to make sense of it. After, sorting through these pieces, I think there is more than enough to make this into a donation quilt. I took a picture, and, put it into a labeled project box. I added the date. If, I don't get to this in a year or two, I need to find some other hapless quilter who might want it.

I have another bag, with orphan blocks, from who knows where. I have another box with orphan blocks. I have seen so many great scrappy quilts that have started with orphan blocks, and, I really want to try it "someday".  But, I really don't have any idea where to start on that. I have started adding dates to any project, I put away, so I can see later, by the passage of time, if I need to let them go. 

more to do?: mess up the cutting table

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Monday, October 5, 2020

October goals

 October has arrived and so has chilly weather. It's time to set my goals for the month. I want to quilt 3 quilt tops that have been waiting a long time.

1. quilt big easy Christmas -   I don't have a start date for this one, it was a class at a quilt store that has been closed a long time. I was in love with the Christmas fabric. One of the owners had made a quilt with the fabric and offered the class. I have the back pieced and the binding made.

big easy Christmas

2.- quilt star gazing -  started july 2017 - this quilt is in Bonnie Hunter's book. I have the top finished.

star gazing 

3. finish traffic jam - I started this at a retreat in early January 2020. It was supposed to be a quick and easy donation quilt. But, I didn't pick it up again after the retreat.

traffic jam

But, first, I plan on finishing this older ufo Aunt mary's double Irish chain. I have committed to finishing this before anything else. It's small and needs borders. These projects will also help with my phd2020