Friday, January 31, 2020

sand castle top

I have sewn the last seam on the sand castle quilt.

And, now, it is a top.

The pattern for sand castles is from quiltville and does not call for borders. So, I don't think I will add them either.
It is 82 x 82 right now. I am planning on continuing on this one, until it is finished, instead of just adding it to the list of tops that need quilted.

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Thursday, January 30, 2020

sand castle webbing

After laying all the blocks out on the library floor, I started stacking and webbing the sand castle top together. It is getting there. I decided to do two columns of four blocks each. Then, I will just need to sew the two halves together.

It is hard to believe the month is nearly over, and time to think about February.

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Wednesday, January 29, 2020

One monthly goal finish

January is almost over and time to take stock of my goals for one monthly goal at elm street quilts.

 So my first goal for January is to really open, and read, and plan on making this quilt.( editya Sitar flower boxes). I may have to learn a new technique and organize a little differently.
I did open and read the instructions and I took all the fabric and ironed it. I didn't go any further with it.

 I have ordered the backing, and as soon as I can, I want to finish Bonnie Hunter's sister's nine patch from one of her earlier books.
I finished this huge quilt, and even, showed it at guild last night. It is 94 x 94 and has 1740 pieces and used 20 3/4 yards of fabric and scraps. I made all the 9 patches in 2013. I free motioned baptist fans, and, put the binding on by machine. It has a red on red print on the back.

It can be found in Bonnie Hunter's book  adventures with leaders and enders.
There are 12 quilts in that book, and I have finished 2, and have 2 in ufo.

I hope to have all the blocks sewn for Bonnie Hunter's sand castle quilt, and keep current with the clues for frolic mystery.
I have all the blocks done for sand castles, and have started webbing the top. I have all the clues done for frolic except the reveal clue, despite the confusing instructions.

Time to think about a new month and see what I can get done.

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Tuesday, January 28, 2020

frolic 7

Where do I even start? yikes, I am not a fan of this year's quiltville mystery. I think instructions are confusing, and I am not in love with the colors, yet.
Cutting pieces in matched pairs slows the process considerably. And I have spent a lot of money on an accuquilt that is meant to speed the cutting up a notch, but, it couldn't help the matchy matchy  thing. Hopefully, I have clue 7 all cut in sets.

and sewed in sets. but, Why did I have all this mismatched stuff left. It will be interesting.

I sewed the pinwheels together, some more than once. And, then, when I thought I was done, I rechecked the directions, and I didn't realize I could sew them in the wrong direction. Luckily, there were only 6 that I had to unsew, and redo. I hope I still have all the right sets together.

Last week's list:
1. sew row by row in green - done
2. binding on my quilt - done
3. make 2 shine blocks for rainbow - done and crazy directions
4. cut basket quilt - flower box - nope again

New list for next week:
1. finish binding for sister's nine patch
2. frolic #8
3. cut basket quilt - flower box
4. start orange scrap rainbow projects

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Monday, January 27, 2020

sister's top

I just have this off of the quilting frame. It was huge, and I have miles of binding to attach. It is a longtime ufo, and I wanted to get it done. It was easy to start the quilt by making red and white nine patches as I sewed other projects, but the rest has taken a few years.

It's time to put green away for the rainbow scrap challenge and start working with my orange scraps.
I did sort and fold this bucket of green scraps. I cut some of them into 3 1/2 in, and 2 1/2 in, and 2 in, and 1 1/2 in strips. Anything bigger than a quarter yard, I left until another day.

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Saturday, January 25, 2020

scrappy circles and stars

I used an accuquilt die to cut drunkards path for the row by row quilt. I thought it would be easier to use the whole die in both green and white rather than cut individual pieces for the parts. The pattern calls for another row of green later, so, I can use the reverse with the leftovers from cutting this way.

I sewed 9 blocks at the retreat last week, and the two set for the ends of the row. The rest of the blocks were back at home waiting for their new friends.

On a whim, I had a bag of triangle scraps, and, I wanted to make tiny wonky stars. The squares are 2 inches.

I have this bag of triangles.... I think it might be time to sort it and decide on how I want to store or use orphan triangles. The wonky stars don't use enough to make a difference.

So, I have done everything I wanted to do for the color of green, but, I might still play a little until there is a new color for the rainbow scrap challenge.

My rainbow projects for 2020 with links:
 Irish chain
row by row
scraptastic star
country road

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Friday, January 24, 2020

shine quilt blocks

I did have to read, and reread, the instructions for making this quilt, Shine. It is a free pattern at moda bakeshop. I couldn't tell where the cut pieces matched the intended block.  It calls for a different white in one corner of the 9 patch, and, I wasn't sure it would matter, using my fabrics instead of the ones in the pattern. I made a trip to Joann, and a shiny white was a remnant, so I used that for the "special " corner.

I am glad the instructions were for strip piecing. I think, my other confusion, was how to only cut in the color for the month, as part of the rainbow scrap challenge. In any event, I made the green blocks for January. And, I think I have ironed out all the details for the rest of the blocks. It's a big block - 14 inches or so.

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Thursday, January 23, 2020

scrappy sewing

I took this project to retreat with me last week. I made another 10 blocks and trimmed all 24 to 8 inches.
The plan is to make until I run out of  the scrap fabric. But, I am getting anxious to see what I want to do with it. I like this layout so far.

I finished the little rug hooking project. This little project was a class in November. that was a class I took in the fall. I am still not comfortable while rug hooking, but, I am trying to build those back and arm muscles up again. I need to whip a backing to it and call it done. I used it as a slow stitching Sunday project. I have some lovely rug hooking projects that I would like to make, so it is time.

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Wednesday, January 22, 2020

windmill top

Three or four years ago, we went to Florida for Christmas. I took my featherweight and a project. In the evening, when we were tired, we watched tv, and I sewed. I finished the project I brought about half way through our vacation. I knew I would want something to do in the evenings. We found a Joann fabric store, and, I bought a jelly roll. and some background fabric. This was the pattern, I worked on making.

I had all the blocks done before heading home. This is the second project I took with me to retreat. All I needed to do was lay it out, and sew rows together.... almost. I was missing 2 blocks for a nice layout. Luckily, I had back up fat quarters and made 2 more blocks.

I was able to have a finished top by the end of day 1. I don't think I am going to bother with borders.

One of the other retreat ladies also finished quilting this quilt which is lovely. For her label she hand sewed an elongated hexagon flower - what a cute idea.

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Tuesday, January 21, 2020


Last week, I made most of my goals. yay me. I made better progress with the retreat last week.

1. quilt one of my quilts - done

2. cut frolic 6 - done

3. sew frolic 6 - done

4. cut basket quilt - flower box - nope I am not sure why I am hesitating.
5. cut blocks for row by row in green - done

New list
1. sew row by row in green
2. binding on my quilt
3. make 2 shine blocks for rainbow
4. cut basket quilt - flower box

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Monday, January 20, 2020

melba's blocks

I had a great time at retreat. My back was not ready for the whole 2 days,  but, I made it into the second day. After relaxing the rest of the weekend, my back is better, and ready to go again. It just gets tired.
The first project I worked on, was a set of blocks that we bought from My husband's Aunt estate in the nineties. I talked about it  here. Each block is appliqued and embroidered with  names from an exchange. There were only 8 blocks, so I made a little set of hexagons to make it 9 blocks. The purple tulip was Aunt Melba's, and, the initial, is her maiden name. I used a solid color from the 1930s for sashing, and cornerstones.

My brain was tired at this point, and, I quit working on it, and, started sewing an old top together. After I was bored with that project, I added the light inner border, before going home. I did some mindless piecing in the evening.

We had a 5 inch square exchange. I came home with a few treasures.

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Saturday, January 18, 2020

rainbow row by row

I am at day 2 of my quilt retreat, and, I have been getting stuff done that I can share next week.
As part of the rainbow scrap challenge, I have been working on a row by row quilt. January and green is the color of the drunkard's path block.
I have them all cut and several ready to sew together, but it does take some time.

I found this cute pattern that uses 1 1/2 inch strips. It so happens that I have green 1 1/2 inch strips -what a surprise. The blocks are 4 1/2 inch. It's called country roads. It came from the fat quarter shop, but I can't find it again.

My rainbow projects for 2020 with links:
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Friday, January 17, 2020


Today is a sleep in your own bed retreat here in town. We have a great place to hold the retreat, and, it will be a fundraiser for student scholarships. We each will have a table and are pitching in a soup for food. I am excited to be going, and will have time with my quilting friends.
My theory is that it is a bonus sewing time and I don't plan to work on anything that I have as part of my goals. So, I have reached deep into the ufo closet to find today's  projects.
The first project I am taking is a set of blocks that we bought from My husband's Aunt estate. Each block is appliqued and embroidered with  names from an exchange.  I want to make a top that will honor their work.

I had started this little quilt a few years ago, and, I have the blocks done and one row together.

I also plan on working on the 1/4 cabin blocks I shared here.
I am thinking, that, if it is not enough, I will be home tomorrow evening, and can gather more projects. And if it too much, it is a bonus whatever I get done.

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Thursday, January 16, 2020

white basket scraps

I sorted through a scrap basket, and it is empty. I can't believe it. It has been a bottomless pit for several months.

I had a small stack of scraps that looked like the right size for some 2 1/2 in HSTS. I had a great time cutting them into a useable size. I don't have any plans for them, but they are in drawers with their friends.

There were many shirt yokes that needed cut into useable sizes too. I don't have the hand strength to cut the yokes, so, I save them for the accuquilt.

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Wednesday, January 15, 2020

scrap bag blocks

I found another scrap bag, during a new year push to clean the sewing area. It was a wonderful assortment of brights. I decided to start right away with an improv block that I liked on the internet. It was green and the rainbow color for January is green. I was hoping to use the scraps until they were gone, but it might take longer than I thought.

I am using a charm pack for the center. I have just cut willy nilly to create the strings. I am aiming for at least an 8 inch square.

It's a fun sort of way to make the block. I have no idea how many blocks I will be able to make, but I will worry about that when I get there. These are not trimmed, yet, or pressed.

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Tuesday, January 14, 2020

to do

A big thank you to  the hosts of to do Tuesday for the prize I received. It is wonderful and very thoughtful ( they added scraps) yippee. They host a linky party every Tuesday that is fun.

I don't usually open charm packs, because, they are sacred, but, I really wanted to see what was in there. It is beautiful. I hope to find a use for this right away.

Let's try this list making again.
Last week's goals
1. cut frolic 5 - done
2. sew frolic 5 - done
3, quilt one of my quilts - it's on the frame
4. cut basket quilt - nothing

5. cut two blocks for shine - nothing

We had a family visit with my Grandchildren and delivered their Christmas gifts. We bought them each a large size thingy with starburst candy.

 I thought the candy was the fun part, but, no, the sorting and negotiating trades was the fun part. LOL

New list

1. quilt one of my quilts
2. cut frolic 6
3. sew frolic 6
4. cut basket quilt - flower box
5. cut blocks for row by row in green

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