Monday, January 20, 2020

melba's blocks

I had a great time at retreat. My back was not ready for the whole 2 days,  but, I made it into the second day. After relaxing the rest of the weekend, my back is better, and ready to go again. It just gets tired.
The first project I worked on, was a set of blocks that we bought from My husband's Aunt estate in the nineties. I talked about it  here. Each block is appliqued and embroidered with  names from an exchange. There were only 8 blocks, so I made a little set of hexagons to make it 9 blocks. The purple tulip was Aunt Melba's, and, the initial, is her maiden name. I used a solid color from the 1930s for sashing, and cornerstones.

My brain was tired at this point, and, I quit working on it, and, started sewing an old top together. After I was bored with that project, I added the light inner border, before going home. I did some mindless piecing in the evening.

We had a 5 inch square exchange. I came home with a few treasures.

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  1. I love the Aunt Melba quilt. And your Hexie block is just right to finish it off- different but not too different.