Tuesday, January 14, 2020

to do

A big thank you to  the hosts of to do Tuesday for the prize I received. It is wonderful and very thoughtful ( they added scraps) yippee. They host a linky party every Tuesday that is fun.

I don't usually open charm packs, because, they are sacred, but, I really wanted to see what was in there. It is beautiful. I hope to find a use for this right away.

Let's try this list making again.
Last week's goals
1. cut frolic 5 - done
2. sew frolic 5 - done
3, quilt one of my quilts - it's on the frame
4. cut basket quilt - nothing

5. cut two blocks for shine - nothing

We had a family visit with my Grandchildren and delivered their Christmas gifts. We bought them each a large size thingy with starburst candy.

 I thought the candy was the fun part, but, no, the sorting and negotiating trades was the fun part. LOL

New list

1. quilt one of my quilts
2. cut frolic 6
3. sew frolic 6
4. cut basket quilt - flower box
5. cut blocks for row by row in green

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  1. I have a jelly roll of that fabric and I used 2 of the charm packages for the background of my Dresden garden -

  2. Congratulations on your win - that does look like a pretty charm pack! Even though it was their Christmas present, your grandkids trading reminds me of Halloween!

  3. OMG!! This reminds me of Halloween and our candy trades. LOL

  4. Hi Maggie! I'm so glad you received the package. Yippee - and I love that fabric in the charm pack. You use them however you want - they'd be pretty in scrap quilts or whatever. I even like the tie they use to keep the pack together - I save them for I don't know what reason. Oh, how fun - trading the candies. I agree - it does look like Halloween. And YUM! I love Starburst - the pink ones are my favorite followed by the red. The rest I would give away in a pinch . . . but the orange is okay . . . so is the yellow. HAHA - I like them all. Thanks for linking up today. ~smile~ Roseanne

  5. All the best with the frolic quilt. Laughing at the grandchildren doing the bargaining over the candy. Kathryn Quilts

  6. Nice win!! And as for pre-cuts being sacred.... that made me snigger because I know that feeling... they are so perfect in their packaging.