Sunday, February 2, 2020

stash report Feb 2, 2020

I am thinking I will do a stash report monthly instead of weekly.
Every time I try to use a coupon at Joann fabrics, I don't find anything not on sale, but, I come home with remnants. My rule for remnants is that the fabric has to be on sale in the first place, so that it is half off the sale price for the remnant. The better the sale on the fabric, the more tempting the remnant. My favorite thread was on sale, too. I really like the coats and clarks for paper piecing. It is 50 weight and yet strong.

I try not to be tempted by flannels, but they were 2.24 a yard and then half off the remnants. I thought these would play nicely with anything I might already have in my stash. Total at Joann was 5 yards.

There was also a great day at goodwill. It seems that there has been a long dry spell. But, I found these great pieces in one trip.  The light blue piece is a flannel. I was thinking backs for the solid colors. They have non- fabric people working on the fabric. Right now, I have to leave a lot of fabric. I have been seeing 1 yard pieces marked 8.99, and Joann fabric marked for more than I could buy it at Joann. They have scrap pieces for 1.99. On the other hand, the blue solid was 3 yards for .99 cents. If I mention it to the staff, they say there are guidelines, but, if the person doesn't understand fabric.....
It will sort itself out, but I don't need any, so I pass.

Stash report 

Fabric Used this month 23.75 yards
Fabric Used year to Date: 23.75 yards

Fabric Added this month: 25 yards
Fabric Added Year to Date: 35 yards
net fabric: 11.25 yards bought more than used

The best time for me to sit at the sewing machine is first thing in the morning, before there are any plans.

For slow sunday stitching, I finished the hooking for this little rug hooking project. But, I need to turn under the edges, and, hand stitch the back to it. I look forward to seeing all the projects at Kathy's quilts.

I am linking to:

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  1. The rug is really cute. I find the thrifts hit or miss too, but when we hit it's big. My guess is the big hits come from estate situations. The family has no idea what some of the quilting supplies cost.

  2. I love the dimension you have added to your hooked piece!

  3. Oh wow, your little rug is fabulous. Love the flower! You certainly picked up some great fabrics on sale.

  4. Your rug hooking project is lovely!

  5. Those were some good buys, and you can easily recover to at least break even. My best time is also first thing - before there are any interruptions in plans. LOL

  6. I'm glad to see that I'm not the only one who likes buying the remnant pieces from JoAnn's. Many times that is the only thing that I'll pick up when shopping there. Thanks for sharing.

  7. Looks like you've found some great deals and had a good time for the start of the year! I also do my reports monthly and have found that, even after 10 years of tracking stash, I still pause to think about how much I want to buy something because I know it will go on the report!

  8. I love the dimension to you hooked piece! It's really cool looking! :)

  9. Love the texture of your rug hooking project! Very cool!

  10. Great finds and on sale too!

    Your rug hooking project is beautiful! I think it is too pretty for a rug.