Tuesday, February 4, 2020


I have been digging through scraps to find triangles for wonky stars and shoofly. I found this bag of triangles, and, decided to sort through it, and, decide if they were worth keeping. Silly thought, I think every piece of fabric is worth keeping, that is why my sewing room is always a mess. These triangles were left overs from quilt wild and goosey.

I discovered that most of the triangles are at least 4 1/2 inches with some 3 1/3 inch, and a few 2 1/2 inch. I don't recognize the fabric from anything I have done, so, it must have been a scrap giveaway.
I ran the triangles through the accuquilt and had this when I was done. Now, I need to find a place to store them or a pattern to use them. fun dilema.

I am trying to make a to do list on Tuesdays with home sewn by us

list from last week:
1. finish binding for sister's nine patch - done
2. frolic #8 - done
3. cut basket quilt - flower box
4. start orange scrap rainbow projects - done

New list for next week:
1. borders for woven checkerboard
2. frolic blocks
3. row x row orange
4. find a back for sand castles

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  1. I have too much on my To Do list that I didn't actually make a list!!

  2. It sounds so great to have that Accuquilt help you get all those scrap triangles to a consistent size! Good luck on this week's To-Do list!

  3. Hi Maggie! Well, isn't that a wonderful problem to have?! A bunch of scrappy triangles and no home for them yet. I guess you'll just HAVE to find a pattern you want to make and start placing them in good homes. That darn basket quilt - flower box. You need to give up on that one - you obviously do not want to make it! I am really looking forward to seeing the borders for woven checkerboard and what backing you pick for Sand. Thanks so much for linking up today! ~smile~ Roseanne

  4. Isn't it fun to find an unremebered source of pieces to sew with!! I just need to use up those scraps and stop hoarding them! LOL

  5. Love the idea of using the Accuquilt. Makes me wish I had one!

  6. haha, every scrap of fabric is worth keeping.... I'll have to second that!