Friday, March 20, 2020

shoofly box

I went to Sam's club Tuesday for, of all things, prunes. I was pretty sure they are not flying off the shelve and I would find some. I stopped at Aldi's first looking for prunes, and, found to my surprise, fresh produce and some canned fruit and vegetables, but, no prunes. It takes awhile after surgery to  - you need prunes.
I found them at Sam's, and I found this great plastic storage container begging to come home with me. It didn't have a fever so I brought it home.
Each container in the set of 4 is smaller than a shoebox.

Two of them have removeable dividers. Each compartment is about 2 1/2 inches - hmmm

I just knew it would be great for shoofly blocks. I could keep the finished blocks in a plain container and the pieces in the  divided container.

And I can keep the set together.

I have made 40 shoofly blocks. I read that Bonnie Hunter has started to web her shoofly quilt together with 194 blocks. I guess I have a few more to make.

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  1. I hear your on your husband's need for prunes-daughter had surgery last year several times over six weeks and she had the need for them too it was a very painful time in her life. I'm so glad you found all you needed. Take care and keep quilting!

  2. I need those containers!!! But I don't have a Sam's card, LOL I need to find a friend who does and hope a local Sam's has them.

  3. Tiny blocks! Great box for great organization!

  4. What a fun set of boxes! glad you found what you needed

  5. How funny (or maybe just frustrating) about the prunes! Not an item I would think there'd be a problem keeping in stock. Those storage boxes look very handy, and I love your shoo fly blocks! 192 of those little guys does sound like a lot!

  6. Those are some adorable little blocks. Thanks for sharing with Oh Scrap!