Wednesday, April 29, 2020

bunny quilt

This idea for a quilt started with the fabric. Going through a box in my sewing room, I found this cute bunny fabric, and wondered if I would ever use it. hmmm... I put it on my table and walked by it often, trying to think  - what should I do with an obvious one purpose piece of fabric. I didn't think it would blend in with other scraps very well. And I really don't want an Easter quilt. Should I donate it? Then  it clicked. I remembered a bunny quilt I had seen in quiltmaker magazine, that I thought was cute. And, if I make it juvenile enough, a child won't care if it has easter bunny fabric as long as the bunnies are cute.

I used the pattern in the magazine to make the bunnies, but, I wanted it bigger, so, I made 9 bunnies. I traced it onto wonder under light and cut them out while watching TV. I think they will be so cute. However, if I do this with every piece of fabric that I try to organize.......

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Tuesday, April 28, 2020

to do

Time to look at my list for last week.

last week's to do:
1. quilt Lucy's basket quilt - I am close - done

2.  Old world mystery clue #3- done
3. finish a snowman on my rug - almost

4. start sashings for shirt quilt - done

5. mow - done- it doesn't look as nice, but, it will do.

Next week's to do:
1. cut unity mystery clue 2
2. cut old world mystery 4
3. mow
4. cut shirt scraps

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Monday, April 27, 2020

unity mystery start

I'm not so sure why it took me so long to start unity mystery quilt. I knew I would have everything I needed, and I liked what I was seeing online.
I have a box of 2 1/2 x 4 1/2 inch scrap rectangles and a box of the smaller size - 2 x 3 1/2.

I was able to pull all I need in the right colors from those boxes. I have a drawer of 2 inch squares and 2 1/2 inch squares. I did need to cut the aqua, because, I just don't have a lot of that color in scraps. I was very careful and trimmed and checked through each step, but I was not real happy with the way pieces fit together. But, thankfully, it looks better in person than it did under the needle. So, clue 1 is finished and at the right size.

Unity mystery quilt is a quiltville mystery / quilt along by Bonnie Hunter.

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Sunday, April 26, 2020

stash report April 26, 2020

I have been digging through bags of fabric and scraps trying to organize a little bit. It seems I have a little more time on my hands. I discovered this bag of fabric from a trip to goodwill from a time long gone. I think it must have been just before my hubby's surgery. I don't usually find this much at one time. Someone must have been cleaning, too.

It's time to confess and add it to the numbers. But, I have finished 3 quilts since last report.
Stash report  2020

Fabric Used this month: 45 yards
Fabric Used year to Date: 98.25 yards

Fabric Added this month: 9.5  yards  
Fabric Added Year to Date: 64.25 yards
net fabric: 34 yards used more than bought

Fabric Added Year to Date 2018: 110 3/4 yards
Net Fabric for 2018: 100 1/2 yards used more than purchased. 

Fabric Used year to Date: 100.5 yards
Fabric Added Year to Date: 101.5 yards

I can tell you that 34 yards doesn't really show up as a space on a shelf. sigh.....

I plan on working on this cute snowman for slow Sunday stitching today.

I sewed at least 15 minutes per day

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sunday stash at quiltpaintcreate

15 min to stitch at life in pieces

Saturday, April 25, 2020

blue blocks

This is the last Saturday in April for the rainbow scrap challenge. I need to make sure all my projects have their blue on. This is the shine block.

And this is the scraptastic star quilt. I may have enough blocks to assemble the quilt, if, I like the colors that I have together.

This is the row x row quilt. This quilt calls for 2 of every color and row. This year I have only been making one row of each color and style. I haven't decided if I will make up rows on colors that are not in the quilt or just wait until next year. And, I think that is everything for the month.

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scraptastic star
country road

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Thursday, April 23, 2020

baskets are finished

Lucy's basket is a finished quilt. It has been a long time coming. The basket's themselves were a pattern by Bonnie Hunter at in her book more adventures with leader and enders.  My daughter and a scrappy quilter friend, Lucy, swapped the baskets in 2014. We each made 230 baskets. I moved it from ufo status to assemble in October 2019. I put it on my top 10 quilts I want to finish in 2020. I didn't finish it like Bonnie did. I wanted something smaller.

There are about 2,000 pieces in the quilt and 13 1/2 yards of fabric. It is 68 x 75 inches.

It is not put together all that well, but I am in love with it. It has my daughter's blocks in it, and one of my favorite scrappy quilter friend's blocks in it. And some of my favorite scraps as well. It is a treasure trove of quilty memories. We also swapped little houses that is on my list for this year as well.

More about this quilt here and here and here

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blocking scarf

While my hubby was in the hospital for back surgery in early March, I started a scarf to pass the waiting time. It was nearly done by the time we came home. It has taken me awhile to get it blocked. I am always surprised by how much better a knitted piece looks after it is blocked.

I had hand spun the yarn a year ago and finally had a use for it. I like to spin better than I like to knit. I found the pattern here.

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Wednesday, April 22, 2020

old world mystery 3

We did more cutting for the old world mystery in clue 3. Some of the pieces were set aside for later.
This clue was a bit more confusing as we had no real color instructions, except, scrappy from our color palette.

Once it was cut, the pieces were easy to sew.

clue 1
clue 2

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Tuesday, April 21, 2020

to do and progress

Spring is slowly creeping into our area. Our tulips are in full bloom, and, the rhubarb is nearly ready to try. Last week was cold and blustery. I made some progress on my goals and that kept me busy.

Last week's to do:

1. iron bunny blocks for applique -done
2. cut old world mystery # 2 - done

3. make shirt 9 patch blocks - done

4. cut rsc row by row in blue - done

5. mail etsy orders - done I make cozies for rug hooking frames. I am having trouble finding elastic anywhere. I have had to order it and it won't be here until May.

6. Mow?? - not done. We had frost and blustery cold and a dead battery.

Next week's to do:
1. quilt Lucy's basket quilt - I am close
2.  Old world mystery clue #3
3. finish a snowman on my rug
4. start sashings for shirt quilt
5. mow

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Monday, April 20, 2020

borders for baskets

One of my goals for this year is to finish my basket quilt. I really don't like borders, so I avoided this part longer than I would like.
The inner border choice was easy. I knew I wanted to continue the sashing fabric. I had a rough time choosing the outer border.

I had 20 fabrics out auditioning them.  I decided since nothing was great, anything would be fine. So I switched to what would be something I just really liked. The fabric I decided to use has a memory attached. It was an old print that I used in my country jumper business in the 90s. I loved the fabric, and, after making hundreds of jumpers, I never got tired of it. I love florals. If I still love it now, it might stand the test of time.

The borders are on, and, I am ready to quilt it. Other blog posts about this quilt are here.

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Saturday, April 18, 2020

tiny blocks

I found several blue scrap pieces small enough for the houses and the wonky stars. Note to self, If I start with houses, I will automatically have little triangles for the stars. Rumor has it that Kathy from Sane, crazy, crumby quilts is working on her top of tiny houses. She was the inspiration for these cute blocks. I can't wait to see it.

I don't really like making the stars - it takes longer than it looks, but, they are so cute, and I feel so virtuous using such little bits. Blue is the color for April for the rainbow scrap challenge.

Boy, is there ever true in these days of pandemic.

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Friday, April 17, 2020

old world mystery 2

Today, Quilted Twins. released clue 4 for the old world country fantasy mystery. I have finished clue 2, so, I am a little behind. But, I am still feeling confident that I can keep with the schedule. So far, the clues have not seemed overwhelming or difficult. I chose this colorway, but there is a gray and royal blue colorway as well.

The light squares were made using pieces I had cut wrong for my Lucy's basket quilt. They were the right size.

This was clue one

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Wednesday, April 15, 2020


I try to sew something everyday that is not on a list. Although, the same things get chosen, so, in a way, there is "that" list. I have projects that I really want to see progress, even if slowly. But, I have some "other" projects without any plan for the finish. Blossom time ( Bonnie Hunter) is one of them. I cut a few scraps and then sew them. Then, I cut a few more and sew them. In this weird time, aimless has it's appeal.

Country roads and wonky houses and stars, are for the rainbow scrap challenge, but, if I find pieces of scrap on the table cleaning, I cut them as well.

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Tuesday, April 14, 2020

to do and done

I did a little better last week working on my projects. I have a little more motivation. It does seem to take longer to get the necessities done - dishes, laundry. Our neighbors have mowed 3 times, already. But, I have to get the mower out of the barn and remember how to use it. Not today, though, it is 32 degrees.

Last week's to do:

1. sew rows of improv into a top - done

2. april rsc shine, wonky stars - done
3. quilt sparkle punch - done

4. cut quilted twins mystery -done

Next week's to do

1. iron bunny blocks for applique
2. cut old world mystery # 2
3. make shirt 9 patch blocks
4. cut rsc row x row
5. mail etsy orders
6. Mow??

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Monday, April 13, 2020

Old world mystery

I cut the strips I would need for the first step of the old world country fantasy mystery from Quilted Twins.

We spent the evening in the living room watching television and I didn't want to go upstairs to my sewing room, so, I decided to treadle the seams. It isn't as fast but, it gets the job done.

It didn't take long before I had the first clue done.

This is Becky's first mystery, and I was really looking forward to making it. I like her quilts and wanted to try something new. I had trouble finding the material I would need here. I needed 3 constants and the rest will be scrappy. I think  today I will work on clue 2.

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Saturday, April 11, 2020

cute block

I think it is Saturday again and time for the rainbow scrap challenge. The color for April is light / bright blue. I started with 1 1/2 inch scraps and made a few country roads blocks. I like to make these blocks. The cutting is super easy, and the sewing is quick. I might like to try these in a different size. I have 2 inch and 2 1/2 inch strips in the scrap pile. hmm

We have had interesting weather this Spring - Some days in the 70s and yesterday, frost that looked more like snow. We have had thunderstorms and blue skies.  My hubby is recovering nicely from back surgery, but, we hadn't figured the plan for mowing. I think if I go slow I can do it. but, getting him to behave about it will be the challenge.

We were out, and I was picking up sticks, and I looked over and saw him with sticks in his hand. soooo how did He get them in his hand? He can't bend over or squat, did they jump in his hands? Big trouble.

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