Wednesday, April 29, 2020

bunny quilt

This idea for a quilt started with the fabric. Going through a box in my sewing room, I found this cute bunny fabric, and wondered if I would ever use it. hmmm... I put it on my table and walked by it often, trying to think  - what should I do with an obvious one purpose piece of fabric. I didn't think it would blend in with other scraps very well. And I really don't want an Easter quilt. Should I donate it? Then  it clicked. I remembered a bunny quilt I had seen in quiltmaker magazine, that I thought was cute. And, if I make it juvenile enough, a child won't care if it has easter bunny fabric as long as the bunnies are cute.

I used the pattern in the magazine to make the bunnies, but, I wanted it bigger, so, I made 9 bunnies. I traced it onto wonder under light and cut them out while watching TV. I think they will be so cute. However, if I do this with every piece of fabric that I try to organize.......

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  1. I liked that bunny pattern, too! It will be fun to see what you come up with in your expanded version! Sandy at

  2. That is the perfect quilt for that fabric!!!! Super cute. :D <3

  3. Great choice of fabric and pattern - can't wait to see your version.