Saturday, April 4, 2020

orphan triangles

I won a quilty orphan adoption from Erin Hutchinson From My patchwork life
I asked for the little bag of HSTS 1 1/2 inch size for my shoofly blocks. Aren't they wonderful? Thank  you Erin - great fun

Remember as a little child, playing with paper dolls or colorforms or mosaics. I felt like that, as I ironed and sorted all the little triangles. I trimmed them, and, I was entranced with sorting them into color groups. So pretty, and many I had not seen in my own stash, So much happiness in a little zip lock bag.

And when I can, I hope to turn them into these cute little shoofly blocks.

The rainbow scrap challenge color for April is light blue. All I did with the color is scrounge some of the littler pieces to use in some of my projects.

I am ready to begin in earnest cleaning out some of my light blue scraps. I hope everyone is staying well and sane. We are pickng up some groceries today at walmart, and it almost seems like we should dress up, with fancy hat and white gloves, to go out for such a big event.

My rainbow projects for 2020 with links:
 Irish chain
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country road

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  1. Nice orphan acquisitions...what fun waves from Julierose;)))

  2. LOL!! I'm pretty sure it's not necessary to dress up for your trip to Wallyworld. LOVE those little HSTs that you adopted! I got the ones with light gray background SEW am well aware of the fun you enjoyed this week. I'm still deciding what to do with my bounty. :o))

  3. I hope your wal-mart will not be so crowded today - I read a story yesterday that said a new plan starts today here for Wal-mart to let in only a certain amount of people at a time and isles will be one way only and the floor is marked for six feet apart. I hope it works well.

  4. Sometimes just sorting scraps into piles is what feels the best! The little shoofly blocks are so fun!

  5. So fun! Yes... like playing with paper dolls! I'm loving these shoo fly blocks!

  6. You strike gold with this little zippy bag of triangles. I can so understand the fun you have as it is my fun too to discover what's in a gifted bag of scraps. You're giving them a great place to shine too. Love the Shoo-Fly. Enjoy! ;^)

  7. I kind of understand the “dressing up” to go to the grocery store! It is definitely an event!
    What a fun baggie of HST..your shoo fly blocks are so cute!

  8. I love your little shoo fly blocks! They are just so cute. I went to the grocery, but in my normal outfit, jeans and sweater. But the dilemma is, do I do church on Zoom in PJs or clothes. LOL!

  9. I see you got about as far as me with light blue RSC! Oh well, we've got plenty of time to start, right? What a fantastic bag of HST scraps. So much scrappiness happiness!! Have a safe & fun week!

  10. What a nice win and you are enjoying them already, congratulations.

  11. What a wonderful bag of treasures! I can see how it would be so fun to admire each one. Have fun making your blocks :)

  12. I see lots of pretty blocks in your future. Enjoy the shopping expedition.

  13. What fun you are having - those will make great shoo fly blocks!