Monday, April 6, 2020

wonky blocks

I started these blocks in January from a scrap bundle and an idea I saw on the internet. I worked on them for awhile and then, it came time to decide on a setting and how many I would need. This is where it stalled. At first, I thought I would just make as many blocks as I had scraps, but it is impossible to ever use all the scraps. They just kept reproducing. I stopped at 40, and, tried a few arrangements.

I liked on point the best, but, needed one more block for 41.
Now to sew them together.

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  1. glad you are staying busy Maggie and doing well - pretty blocks

  2. Good use of scraps. And, look at you getting it put together too. I like the colors.

  3. They are so cheery!!! It will be a great quilt.

  4. That looks like a fun way to make a scrap quilt!! Just what I needed... A great idea for ANOTHER quilt project... NOT!
    (Well... MAYBE.)

  5. Love the color scheme of your scraps on this one!!!