Wednesday, May 20, 2020

old world mystery 6

ok, yesterday was cold and rainy. Last week, it was cold and rainy every other day. I checked the forecast for this week - rain, cloudy, thunderstorms, dreary, showers. I might be getting a little tired of this. And I mean, everything this. We made a grocery run yesterday during senior hours, and there was less food than we have seen before.

We are trying to stain and seal our deck this summer, and, it may be the end of July before it will be dry enough. I did sneak a planting in between rain drops. It is too wet to till and plant the garden.

This clue 6 required 288 HSTs, so, I was not really quick with this clue. The reveal for the old world mystery quilt at Quilted Twins. was last week, and, there is some more piecing to be done before assembly. I may skip it just to see what the rest looks like in my colors.

My progress:
clue 1
clue 2
clue 3
clue 4
clue 5

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