Thursday, May 7, 2020

shirt sashing

I need to make quilts using my large stash of recycled shirt fabrics. I am doing the old country mystery quilt through the quilted twins. They have a large selection of free patterns. I picked one, and have been cutting and sewing in preparation of making it. It takes a bit more time to work with shirts, even if the shirt has been cut for use.
There are fiddley parts of the shirt that are not even or long, but, still, have useable cotton fabric. I tend to try and use those pieces first. This pattern calls for 9 1/2 inch squares. I used mostly sleeves from a million shirts to cut the squares, and, then, cut the remainder into strips and triangles. Whatever I could get out of the rest of the sleeve, was how I decided to cut it. I still have a healthy size pile to cut into scrap user sizes.
I had very few 1 1/2 inch shirt strips that I could cut more than one for the sashing strips.

The pattern calls for a pile of 9 patches as well.

I am using this quilt as an evening project on my treadle while hubby and I are watching TV, and, we are too tired to do anything else. It's amazing how tiring self isolating, and, not going anywhere or doing anything special can make you. The grocery store is fast becoming a cardio workout. haha

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  1. maybe you are too tired by evening from not having enough physical activity. You might need to get in more walks. That is nice patchwork

  2. Thanks for leading me down another rabbit hole of patterns!! I hadn't heard of that site before, it's great for scrapiness:)

  3. Which one of the free patterns are you piecing. Your blocks look nice!

  4. All those pretty plaids make great blocks! I'll have to check out that site you linked.

  5. Looks like you have a great plan to use up more of your scrap stash. I agree, the social distancing thing is pretty tiring. The psych major says it's because we have to form new habits, which takes more energy.

  6. How cool that you're making these on your treadle. The grocery store trip is the highlight of our week around here.