Saturday, May 30, 2020

tiny pieces

I finished 4 tiny wonky stars in green for the rainbow scrap challenge this month. The top left square is a study in a senior moment. As I am webbing the block together in 9 patch style, I get to the bottom right, and, I can't find the last 2 inch white square I need. I look around, knowing I cut 8 squares before I started. where did it go? I cut another one. It wasn't until I pressed the block, that I realized I had used it in the center instead of a green square. LOL

I found a new little pattern, I wanted to try for a rainbow quilt project. I used 2 inch squares for lime sherbet.

Interesting way to piece the cone. And, then, it is trimmed. I have an accuquilt die I want to try for the cone next time.

I wasn't happy with the way the sherbet fit into the cone, but realized I had not read that I needed different size flippy corners on the bottom of the sherbet.

I don't feel like I did very much rainbow sewing this month. I must have been distracted. Oh, I did finish birch trees, a rainbow project from last year.

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  1. neat ice cream cone! did you use the bowtie die for that?

  2. Super cute new RSC block, Maggie!! Did you leave the white center of that Wonky Star? Inquiring minds want to know. :o))

  3. What a cute idea! Those sherbet cones are so clever!

  4. Loved your senior moment with the star - don't we all have those?! The ice cream cones look like a fun idea, too!

  5. Very cute little wonky stars--oh we have those moments, don't we?
    I do think the ice cream cone will make a really fun quilt!

  6. Very fun block. Thanks for sharing with Oh Scrap!

  7. I've been making those little stars for several years and I purposely make some like that senior moment! I've been thinking of using some of them as centers for wonky log cabins.

    I love the ice cream cones. I may have to try some. You can't have all the fun!

  8. Very fun Sherbet blocks! Can't wait to see the strawberry sherbet blocks for this month! Loved your Birch Trees!