Friday, June 26, 2020

partial finishes

 I am now on the injured list with a finger. I was slicing onions, and added a piece of my left ring finger. It will be awhile before it heals. Meanwhile, I learn just how much I use my finger. haha

I have milestone finishes to share today. I finished all the snowmen in my my rug hooking rug. Now, I can begin the center background. The center portion measures 27 x 38. If I do the border as it is drawn, it will be 35 x 42. I use wool strips, and it is getting heavy. I started it here. I think I will add a star in the center and do a dark blue sky. I have enough navy wool to do it, already. I will want to use different ( scrappy) wool for the background, and mottle some for it, too.

I have a row of the old world mystery finished. It is set on point, so I did the longest row from the center. It helps me to have that out of the way as I work on other rows.

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  1. SEW looking forward to seeing your version of this mystery quilt come together!!

  2. don't you just hate cutting fingers!! I don't know how many times I have sharpened my knifes to make chopping and slicing easier only to slice my finger as well!!

  3. The snowmen are just too cute! And what a great idea to do the longest row first!

  4. I like that idea of doing the middle row first!!! So Sorry about your finger!! That is why we should all have robot cooks - ha ha ha!! Just kidding.... heal fast