Monday, June 15, 2020

Ufo progress

I have finished 2 ufos so far for June and I have finished 10 for the year. The goal for ufos and the phd 2020 was 12. However, not all the ufos I have finished, were on my original list. I'm not sure how that counts. But, it has motivated me for sure. Countryside cottage is here. And silent night is here.

I've made progress on a few other projects from the list. Frolic mystery and unicorn quilt are ready to be quilted.

I am moving the rainbow projects started this year along - shine and row x row. But, I haven't really worked on the editya sitar baskets since January.

I started a "jelly roll" race with my daughter. And, I am happy to report, that I am putting blocks together for the rows. And, I think I am still ahead of her. Last I heard, she is sewing strips together.

start here.
blocks here and here


  1. A finish is a finish to be celebrated whether it's on the list or not! I really like the 9 patch quilt, I need to remember this idea. So many ideas, so little time.

  2. Nothing like a friendly competition!! Great projects all.