Friday, July 31, 2020

Shine a little

I realized that I didn't have very many blocks done for one of my rainbow scrap challenge quilts, if, I was going to have all the blocks done by the end of the year. hmm. what was I doing wrong? I needed to  make 2 of every color, but, there wasn't 2 of every color cut. I didn't cut the whole thing at the beginning...sigh

It won't take long to catch up with the blocks, now that I have figured out what I need to do.

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Wednesday, July 29, 2020

more letters

I went to quilt guild last night. It was short and everyone wore masks. We were at least 10 feet or more apart. There was no program. Our quilt show for October has been cancelled until next year. I will be leading a workshop on Saturday. There are only 5 signed to come, but, we will have plenty of room to spread and stay away from each other. I am having trouble hearing with masks on, so it might be interesting.
I have been concentrating  on the small words or parts of words for my quote quilt. I have a lot of trimming to do. With all the little bitty pieces, there was some wonkiness. Once the words are together, I will need to decide how I want to join them.

I am making this as part of my rainbow scrap challenge for last year. some of my letters here and here

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Tuesday, July 28, 2020

to do: shoofly shoo

Nothing like a new leader/ender project ( easy breezy ) to motivate making the old leader/ ender project ( shoofly). I feel a little pressure to finish the shoofly blocks I have kitted, before, I forget, and, move on to something else. These are the 4 1/2 inch size, and I don't think I would have another use for the tiny HSTS pieces. For a few years, Bonnie Hunter encourages us to try a new leader/ender project.

more  here and here and here

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Monday, July 27, 2020

jamestown landing is a top

There is a funny story to my Jamestown Landing quilt.
When I heard that Bonnie Hunter was going to be in Indiana at the heritage quilt show in Bloomington, I was on the registration page at the very first minute. Jamestown landing was already sold out. I did get into the pineapple blossom class which was first. It was a great class, and, I asked Bonnie if there had been any cancellations for the Jamestown landing class in the afternoon. She called the coordinator in and asked her. There was. but, I hadn't brought any fabric for that class. So, during the break, I went shopping. There was a booth with scrap bags and I bought a couple of blue scrap bags and a neutral one as well. Others in the class gave me strips in blue from their collections. It was a sweet little personal miracle for me.

Now the top is done in time for my one monthly goal.

my jamestown progress:

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Saturday, July 25, 2020

a blue row

This is the last blue Saturday for the rainbow scrap challenge. I am not really done with my projects, yet. Good thing, I still have time. I wonder what color I will be using next week...

I had the chance to make another blue row for the rainbow row x row I am making.
I prefer to cut my pieces oversized and trim. That way I can use a standard size cut.

I  have 6 rows ready out of 13.

I have started with the blues for putting words together for last year's rainbow quote quilt. I have a few words together, and, it is very exciting. I wasn't sure, when I started, that I would like it or know what I was doing.

My rainbow projects for 2020 with links:
 Irish chain
row by row
scraptastic star
country road

jamestown landing

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Friday, July 24, 2020

over the river finish

I have a finish this week. This is an older UFO with a story or two.
When my daughter was expecting her second baby, we knew she would be induced. She had PUPPS and was miserable. We were excited to have a date, and, I booked the flight and planned on spending 2 weeks with her. I knew I would need a sewing project, and, I had this pattern on my really "to do" list. I planned the panels, cut, and prepped, and marked them.
As it happens, for the first time in years, we had an epic blizzard, and the airport was closed for a few days. sigh. I missed the birth. It took 4 days to get there, and my new Grandson was wonderful and worth the wait.

I had plenty of time to work on this, even watching and caring for the 3 year old.  They were not picky eaters, and, she was great at getting everything ready. She wanted to watch the Harry Potter movies, and we did... all of them. I stitched and she cuddled Kyle.

This quilt was a Crabapple Hill pattern called over the river and through the woods. I's a nice lap size.

This counts for my one monthly goal and PHD 2020 I have finished 14 ufos this year so far, and started 7.

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Tuesday, July 21, 2020

to do: make words

I started a quote quilt last year as part of the rainbow scrap challenge. I made the letters for words with each month's color. It was and is, an emotionally healing quilt for a difficult time. I want to put it together as part of my one monthly goal. and phd 2020. I've just started combining the letters into words. I have a lot of trimming to do....

Last week I worked on Jamestown landing, and, have the top together minus borders.

some of my letters here and here

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Monday, July 20, 2020

old world is a top

I have a top for the old world mystery quilt from Quilted Twins. I really like it. It's big, so, I will need to find a back to continue with it. I have really enjoyed this mystery.

I am having a thermostat war with my son. Our AC has a 1 degree difference that is all the difference. One degree lower and it's time to crack out the sled dogs and mush through the snow. My son is a big guy and warm all the time, so he sneaks the AC down. I don't realize it, until, I start wearing a parka and wooly socks. sigh... I believe I will somehow win at this war, even if it is in my winter coat... sigh...
My progress:
clue 1
clue 2
clue 3
clue 4
clue 5
clue 6

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Sunday, July 19, 2020

stash report July 19, 2020

Before Bluprint closed, I bought a mystery fat quarter bundle on sale. I hadn't opened it, until just recently. I can't say I would have picked up these fat quarters, if, I were in a store, But, I am glad I didn't have to go to a store. These will be fun when I need to play with fabric.

Stash report  July 2020

Fabric Used this week: 27 yards - I finished square dance
Fabric Used year to Date: 219.25 yards

Fabric Added this week: 5 yards  
Fabric Added Year to Date: 97.75 yards
net fabric: 121.5 yards used more than bought

I sewed at least 15 minutes per day - I am plugging away at Jamestown landing

I am still working on my snowman rug background. It is a large rug, so, it will just take time. I enjoy hooking the background. It is the mindless chain piecing of the rug making project.

I am trying to make swirls and unexpected lines to add texture and interest.

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Saturday, July 18, 2020

fun blue blocks

I have fun tiny houses

and wonky stars

The color for July and the rainbow scrap challenge is dark blue. I have plenty of scraps in those colors. I find that the triangles I cut, from the flip corners on the roof of the houses, work well for the wonky stars.
 I am also working on Jamestown landing this month since it is all blue. I have half of it put together. And, I have all the rows made.

My rainbow projects for 2020 with links:
 Irish chain
row by row
scraptastic star
country road

jamestown landing

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Friday, July 17, 2020

square dance finish

I have a finish
From my Carolina home hosted a mystery quilt in 2018. It was the first time, I had tried one of her mysteries. I enjoyed it, and I like the result. It was easy to keep up with the clues, and, I had a quilt top shortly after the reveal, but, it has languished in the "to be quilted" pile until now. This one is called square dance. I chose to do the queen size. It finished at about 82 x 90 and used a lot of scraps.

For the back, I used a strip from a trip around the world that I knew I would not finish.

I used a checkerboard print for the binding, and, I quilted all over swirls.

square dance start 5/18
square dance assembly
square dance top decisions

This counts for my one monthly goal and PHD 2020 I have finished 13 ufos this year so far, and started 7.

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Tuesday, July 14, 2020

to do : the other half

Jamestown landing looks like a big mess up close. But, the camera makes it look better and like it is supposed to look.
I have had a few not nice things to say while working on this. It is a really good idea to keep current with a project and not put it away for a few years.  I have wondered what I was thinking many times.
The grass was wet, so, I haven't really checked to make sure everything is going in the right direction.

Last week, I realized I needed two more blocks for the charming stars quilt. I made those, and, now, the blocks are waiting for more decisions. These are the 6 inch squares left over from that project. There are over 100 squares, more than enough to make another quilt. It is impossible to use scraps to the end.

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Monday, July 13, 2020

easy breezy

Bonnie Hunter of quiltville has announced a new leader/ender challenge for the next year. It's called easy breezy, and, it looks to be just that. She has given the directions for 2 sizes, a 6 inch and a 4 inch. It has taken me awhile to decide what I want to do. And, I am not sure I have. My first thought was to make the bigger block, since, we did little last time, and, I didn't get very far. But, it occurred to me that, if, I make the smaller size, I can use that with the shoofly from last year to get a decent size of quilt. I don't have very many 1 1/2 inch squares. I definitely don't have matching sets of 4. I will have to cut from strips.

Both sizes are cute. I will make "some" in the small size to go with shoofly. some= ?
But, I have a medium size box of 2 inch squares, I could use for the bigger size, if, I find matching pieces. It would be great to use those first, and, then, move onto strips, if, I need to do that. I started digging around in the box. Some of these have not seen the light of day in years. It will be good to make good of use them.

I started sorting some.

I am just sorting by color unless I find 4 matching. When the matching are used, I will just do 4 of the same color, and, then, who knows.

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Saturday, July 11, 2020

a bit of blue

I have enough blue scraps that I could probably use it every month, and, not see the bottom of the barrel. So, I don't mind that we are doing blue again this year for the rainbow scrap challenge. I made these country roads blocks with whatever my hand picked from the 1 1/2 inch bin as long as it was blue.

One of my one monthly goals for July is to join my Jamestown landing blocks into a top. I am using them as a leader/ ender as I work on other blue rainbow projects.

I have three rows ready to join together.

My rainbow projects for 2020 with links:
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scraptastic star
country road

jamestown landing

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Friday, July 10, 2020

unity clue 4

It started out pleasant enough, clue 4 for unity mystery quilt, required a lot of cutting. I like to cut.

The quilt needed a lot of HSTs. I like chain piecing.

But, this is when it gets dicey. Apparently, everything needed trimmed. I don't like trimming, so, I didn't. I started making the blocks, nine patch style, and they looked fine, until, I trimmed the whole blocks. I started making the rows, and, I was losing 60 % of the points. Drat. I couldn't live with that. I decided to take all the blocks apart. I realized that the problem had to be back at the HSTs. So, I even took those apart. I pressed and saved 80 % of the pieces, and sewed them back together again.

Why did it take 3 weeks to make it the first time, and only 3 days to make it again? But, it is finished. While I was putting the last row on, I was sure it would be a wall hanging. But, after laying it out, it looks really nice, and, I want to do more.

So I will look at clue 5.

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Wednesday, July 8, 2020

Jamestown landing rows

I have made progress on Jamestown landing - a Bonnie Hunter pattern. I am sewing this top together as part of my one monthly goal and PHD2020.  I took a class in Bloomington with Bonnie Hunter in March 2013. And, it has been in the block stage since then. I worked on it after I got home, and then it stalled.
I do not like string piecing. I prefer crumb piecing, so, I made the decision to switch the string blocks with my crumb blocks. I am not sure if I will be sorry, yet. I really like revisiting some of my favorite blue scraps, and, there are some that were traded at the workshop.

This pattern is in her book string fling. Some of the HSTS are not coming together right - it was 7 years ago, and my sewing has improved a bit. I am taking a few apart, and, getting better results. But, some will just have to stay that way, as it shows where I was in my sewing at the time. If, I do a row a day, and, then, a sashing row a day, I should have the top done by the end of the month.

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Tuesday, July 7, 2020

to do: make two more

I thought I was done making the blocks for charming stars, but, I miscounted. So, I need to make 2 more. They are quick and easy, so, no worries. I just wish I could

I think I am liking the colors together, and, I think I will add sashing.

I have the square dance quilt on the frame, so to do number 2. Is quilt the quilt.

Meanwhile, summer is happening.

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