Monday, July 6, 2020

norwegian snowflakes

As I was sorting scraps, I pulled any blues for a new quilt that uses 2 inch strips. It is a quilted twins free pattern, called norwegian snowflakes, I found here. I had finished my evening treadle project and was ready to just sew strips together. It seemed to take forever. I decided to do strips of 4, since the pattern has sections of 4. Then, I calculated how many of each of the sets I would need for each block. I subcut them on my accuquilt and started making stacks of the sets of four. I needed 7 different sets.

I separated the rows and did a label for each row.

I had to try a little piecing to see how it was going to look. Each block uses four of these blocks.

I really want to keep working on this quilt, but, that was not the plan. It was supposed to help me sort scraps, sew at the treadle, and, then, be put away for another time. But, it is blue.... and the rainbow color is blue for July. Hmmmm

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  1. Keep working on it, Maggie! You've got the perfect excuse.

  2. Oh, your block looks so peaceful and pretty. I like that you showed your strip piecing as well! I'm glad you're following your heart! :)

  3. I love the Norwegian Stars pattern, it's on my to do list. I'm going to enjoy watching your progress. Happy stitching!