Monday, July 20, 2020

old world is a top

I have a top for the old world mystery quilt from Quilted Twins. I really like it. It's big, so, I will need to find a back to continue with it. I have really enjoyed this mystery.

I am having a thermostat war with my son. Our AC has a 1 degree difference that is all the difference. One degree lower and it's time to crack out the sled dogs and mush through the snow. My son is a big guy and warm all the time, so he sneaks the AC down. I don't realize it, until, I start wearing a parka and wooly socks. sigh... I believe I will somehow win at this war, even if it is in my winter coat... sigh...
My progress:
clue 1
clue 2
clue 3
clue 4
clue 5
clue 6

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  1. sounds like maybe your son needs to get his own place and pay the A/C or go with your house your rules LOL

  2. Your mystery quilt is lovely. I gave up on mystery quilts many years ago when I realized the only quilts I was making were mystery quilts. I've since retired, moved a couple of times, and have started making mystery quilts every once in a while. Generally not big ones as I only have so much space to store and display quilts. AC can be really touchy. I come up from my studio freezing and I have all the vents down there closed off. I usually head outside for a few minutes of sunshine and warmth. Ha!

  3. Oh Maggie, your quilt is beautiful! Sandy

  4. The Old World Mystery is beautiful - I love how it turned out! We don't have AC but I know when I visit my mom, her idea of what feels cool, and my idea are completely different!

  5. Old World Mystery is fantastic! You should be proud. I’ve only participated in one mystery quilt and I really liked it when I finished. I have a “no touch” rule in regard to the thermostat at home but I do play thermostat wars at the office.

  6. You and my husband would get along well, and your son and I too! I am always warm, he is always cold! I tell him, you can put on more clothes, I can only take off so many!! LOL

  7. NOw that is a mystery I wish I had participated in. THe quilt is so stunning! I was so surprised to discover it was a mystery.

  8. Just found your site. I have downloaded this mystery but somehow missed the reveal. It's beautiful! I will have to make this one now.