Tuesday, November 10, 2020

to do: rug border 1

 I went to a drive through baby shower Saturday. Isn't that a hoot. This sweet lady and her husband have tried for 10 years to have a baby, and thanks to the pandemic ( not really) , they are having a baby girl in December I am so happy for them. We waited 5 long years for our first little treasure and, then, our second. I hated everyone's encouraging words of "just relax" but, in the end...... I wish I had.

I have had a long time rug hooking ufo project. It seems most of the year, without my guild meetings, I have been a slacker in my rug hooking. It was a big rug, but, still....

the center is complete now

I finished the center of my rug here. Now, it is time to get back into the finishing mood, and, work on this cute rug in time for the snow to fly.
I am ready for the rug border on my snowman rug. My quilting has certainly influenced my rug. I want a noticeable "binding" on the outside. I needed to cut the strips, and, join them on the bias. - just like quilting. Unlike quilting, I had to sew the "binding" to the linen before I hook the border. It is impossible to get the sewing machine to sew it close enough, after the hooking is complete. This way, I can hook right to the very edge of the wool fabric.

I also decided to make the final border shorter and just a simple plain border, instead of the pattern's swirls and stars. I just want to move this along and have the focus be the cute snowmen.


  1. Hi,
    The baby quilt is beautiful...love the snowman
    rug..have a great day!

  2. Oh your rug is looking great and will be so adorable when you are done! I love snowmen:)

  3. The snowmen faces on your rug are so adorable! I like the baby quilt, too - I bet the recipient loved it!

  4. A vert pretty baby quilt! So sweet and soft! It will be loved! Speaking of loved, your snowman rug is awesome!

  5. Your rug will be so pretty when it's finished. Happy stitching!

  6. The snowmen rug is so close to finished now! And it's so fabulous, I love the finish you've decided on. What times we live in... a drive through baby shower! Who would have thought? Thanks for sharing.