Friday, July 31, 2020

Shine a little

I realized that I didn't have very many blocks done for one of my rainbow scrap challenge quilts, if, I was going to have all the blocks done by the end of the year. hmm. what was I doing wrong? I needed to  make 2 of every color, but, there wasn't 2 of every color cut. I didn't cut the whole thing at the beginning...sigh

It won't take long to catch up with the blocks, now that I have figured out what I need to do.

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  1. It’ll be kind of fun to go back and revisit the RSC colors for January-July! You can do it! 😊

  2. Ah, well — the blocks you’ve made so far are lovely!

  3. These look lovely; it shouldn't take long to make the rest. Or, you could carry this project over into next year, and make one block a month then.

  4. Time to ramp up your production, Maggie! These blocks are going to make a lovely quilt.