Sunday, July 5, 2020

stash report July 5, 2020

Our guild was gifted fabric from an estate. There were several tables, and we could social distance and take what we wanted. I wanted to add variety to my neutral stash, so I came home with this lovely pile of goodies. It didn't look like much in the overall amount of the fabric that I could have taken home, but, there was still a little over 12 yards in my stack.

Stash report  2020

Fabric Used this week: 15 yards -unicorn quilt
Fabric Used year to Date: 192.25 yards

Fabric Added this week: 12 yards  
Fabric Added Year to Date: 92.75 yards
net fabric: 99.5 yards used more than bought

I sewed at least 15 minutes per day - we lost power, but, I could still treadle - yep

I finished the snowmen in my rug (here), and, it is time to fill in the background. I decided on just a plain background of dark sky and a single star. I spent some time blending blues and cutting strips. It was delightful to start the star. I will work on this on my Slow Sunday stitching.

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  1. Those neutrals will be so useful! I always go through them faster than any other fabric.

  2. Love the start. What process is that?

  3. One can never have enough neutrals! I took a peek at your snowmen - very pretty! Thank you for sharing!

  4. I've lost two TVs in my sewing room to lightening strikes. Now I just leave it unplugged unless I'm actually watching it. So cool that you could treadle even with no power. Good luck with all your stitching this week. You've got some really fun projects in the works.

  5. Adding neutrals to my stash is like Christmas morning to me! Congrats on the lovely haul!

  6. Pretty star. And I love your fabrics, love neutrals!