Monday, August 17, 2020

bloc loc template

Straightening my sewing table, I found this little pile of pieces for my peaks and valley blocks or triangles in a square. I realized that I haven't sewn with these for awhile, and, I wanted to visit with them again. It looks like I was trying to make matches, and left them before I was finished.

 I am using a bloc loc template set that I bought awhile ago. more about the template here. I like using it, and the results are very accurate. The finished piece is 2 1/12 inches.

I sewed through a few of my kitted sets, trimmed, and combined them as webbed 9 patches

I used the webbed 9 patches as leader/enders for the next couple of days, and had stars made.

I am linking:


  1. My first thought was the little squares end up 2.5" ? Whoa, that's going to take a lot of blocks to make a quilt. My lightbulb moment -- oh, they are going into stars. 6" blocks aren't all that big but it's going to be a cute quilt when done.

  2. Your stars are so beautiful!! You really are able to pull them together just from your scrap bins? I am having Scrap Envy... :-)

  3. Those templates really are amazing. They work SEW well!!