Saturday, August 22, 2020

purple projects

Today is Saturday, and the rainbow scrap challenge here. I had bigger chunks of purple scraps for the tiny houses. So, there are many repeats. I don't think I will mind in a big scrappy quilt.

 I finished the shine blocks in purple for another rainbow project.

I decided to look in the ufo closet for a purple ufo that I might could finish in August. I don't remember where I acquired this little baby quilt, but, I loved it. I am thinking, I picked it up at a quilt show garage sale. 

It had been embroidered and pieced, but, one of the borders was missing.

Luckily, it came with matching fabric.   All better...

Now, to see if I can get it quilted soon. I am afraid I am going to run out of Saturdays before I run out of purple projects.

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  1. Your house blocks are so cute! How nice the baby quilt came with all the pieces. I look forward to seeing how you finish it. Happy stitching!

  2. What a fun little quilt! The houses are very cute.

  3. No worries, Maggie! There will probably be a PURPLE month next year, too. :P

    Besides, knowing you... You will find a way to finish the quilt this month!

  4. Your houses are adorable with their pretty purple floral prints. The baby quilt looks like it will be a fun finish!

  5. That doesn’t happen often, a ufo with the necessary fabric! I’m excited to see that one all done.

  6. Hi,
    Love all your house pretty.
    Have a great day!

  7. Oh, I wonder why a poor baby missed out on a quilt that was almost at finished top. Good save!

  8. Love the house blocks, you've got some great purple places there. Congrats on the progress on the rescued UFO. Fingers crossed you can get it quilted and off the list before the end of the month.

  9. It is always a treat to see your house blocks. And this time they're purple! Nice rescue on the baby quilt. We can't let all that embroidery go to waste!