Monday, September 14, 2020

shoo shoo

I have more shoofly blocks finished. I have at least 100 of these, and, my goal is 160. At this point, most of my corners are cleanups, and, not necessarily matching. All my favorite sets have been made, and, I am trying to use the last of the hsts. I am not wasting any of them. Once I trimmed a gazillion 1 1/2 inch hsts, I wasn't about to let them go to the infinite string/ crumb bucket of shame.

I, occasionally, add an easy breezy little block as a leader /ender, just to see how it looks. Since my Linda friend gave me a big bag of 1 1/2 inch squares, I have had great choices from which to choose.


  1. I love your scrappy little shoofly blocks.
    And that is a funny cartoon!

  2. Cute shoo flies. But, oh that cartoon. A good laugh for today!

  3. Scrappy blocks are so fun and surprising, aren't they! Great cartoon! Thank you!