Tuesday, August 11, 2020

to do: cut more

I have had a little fun with Bonnie Hunter's new leader / ender challenge. Easy breezy is much easier than shoofly. With shoofly, I felt I had to practically make the block, before I could go back to my regular project. I went through my 2 inch strips, and, I collected a small batch of 4 matching squares. I didn't have as many as I had hoped. I will need to cut more from strips. But, I did get to play with a few blocks.

I am still chasing down the last of the shoofly blocks to finish making the pieces I have had cut. I think I have a dozen more to go.
Here is my start for my easy peasy block. And here is the link to the free pattern.

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  1. And, another one bites the dust to start on Easy Breezy! It is such a fun little block. I started mine soon after she announced it. In my defense I haven't made one of Bonnie's yearly challenges in years. I have a bunch of UFOs -- some of which are being worked on regularly. Of course, then I have tops to finish.... sigh.

  2. Hi Maggie! I just visited Gretchen who shared her blocks like these. You two are in cahoots in tempting me to start this project. I am trying to be strong, but I can feel the temptation starting to take hold. Thanks for linking up today. ~smile~ Roseanne

  3. I think these are fun blocks, too! They probably appealed to me because they are only squares and rectangles. Love the fun colors in yours!

  4. Loving your bright cheery, Easy Breezy blocks!

  5. Love your blocks. I agree, so much easier than the shoofly blocks. And if they're made from 2" strips, half the prep work is already done. Happy stitching!