Monday, September 21, 2020

shirt strings

 I used to set aside the weekend for sewing string and crumbs at my treadle. But, after finishing 2 wonky courthouse tops, my living room was a disaster of a mess. I was trying to give up string quilting, but, alas, I miss it. And, I will begin again with the same promises I make to myself, that I will always clean up as I go. haha -I had cut papers for Bonnie Hunter's geese on a string in early Spring. I am making more shirt strings and crumbs as I cut for other projects, and they looked so inviting. I rummaged and found my big bag of shirt pieces, too small or too ugly, for a quilt.

There is something comfy and cozy about shirt fabric.

And, another string project has started.

This was a good start on a new project.

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  1. Love all the plaids. I've only made one quilt from shirt pieces--my brother-in-law's for a memory quilt for his widow. I left the shirt pockets on the pieces for the backing.

  2. OH I love this!! Just perfect...have made three string plaid shirt quilts, and I love them!

  3. Lots of shirts have given their life for your project. My hubby's idea of the perfect shirt is a blue button down. Or actually the white would come in first place, the blue a distant second. So seldom do I get great shirt fabric. On the other hand, I have so much other fabric I don't mind. Good luck with the cleaning up afterwards... I know I don't have the dedication to do that but I have been trying more recently.

  4. I don't enjoy piecing with strings myself, but I love anything made with shirts. You are right about them looking comfy and cozy. This looks like a good start.

  5. Cosy indeed! My strings are overflowing too!