Tuesday, September 29, 2020

to do: brag about my friends

 My Friday group meets at the library. There are 3 of us, that meet regularly, and, we have another 5 that comes many times, but, off and on. They are all very talented, and approach quilting differently. That's why I enjoy it so much. I just like to make quilts. I may not have a reason to make one or a plan on what I am going to do with it. I may have several projects going at the same time, and, I tend to bounce around from project to project. I quilt my own quilts on a longarm. I prefer big quilts with an outdated notion that a quilt is for a bed. Linda is more organized, and just likes to make quilts too. She has a limited number going at the same time, and stays more focused until she finishes them. She doesn't do her own quilting and is not afraid of big quilts. She keeps me busy doing her quilting for her.

 She and I were part of a swap that made these uneven 9 patches.

Linda's circa 1880

Chris still works, and joins us as often as she can. She makes smaller quilts and donates many of them. She quilts some of her own quilting on a domestic machine. This one, she has asked me to quilt for her.

Chris 's universe quilt

Shelley makes one quilt at a time, from start to finish. And, she makes them as gifts for specific young people, nieces and nephews. And sometimes, she doesn't have a project to start. She makes lap size, and quilts them herself on a domestic machine. She doesn't make quilts at home, but just in a group.

Shelley's baby quilt for a great nephew

This is my version of circa 1880, which is not nearly as far along as Linda's, but, it's a start. I am glad Linda and Sue started before me, as, they have worked out the kinks, and been very helpful. I am not working on this at home, yet. It is a project I am saving for group. 

my circa progress

Last week, I mentioned that I needed to clean my cutting table, and I did. But, the piles have already begun. haha

I haven't seen this much table in a long while

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  1. Love both of the circa 1880's! Must put that on my list.

  2. Hi Maggie! Great job on cleaning your cutting table. My cutting table looks like that - only because I rarely cut - my bestie does it. I like to trim HSTs so I always volunteer to do them, but my table is mainly a quilting and sewing station. Thanks for sharing all of your friends' pieces and their model for quilting. Isn't it interesting?! I'm a many-projects-at-once type of quilter and now I quilt them all myself on my DSM. One year we made 5 queen-size quilts and I sent them out to a local longarmer. Thanks for linking up today. ~smile~ Roseanne

  3. Group is a fun place to be. My groups are beginning to start to meet again. I’m still uncomfortable about it. I do miss them though.
    Cutting tables seem to be constantly in need of cleaning off! Have a great week!

  4. I love the uneven 9-patches--those have been on my to-make list for a couple years now. Yours look so fun and scrappy!

  5. Fun to hear about your quilting friends, Maggie! Mine are like yours - we all approach what we do in different ways, too. Great job on the cutting table clean-up!

  6. It's fun to have a group that motivates you and has members that share the different ways of doing things. Lots of talent in your little group.