Monday, November 30, 2020

baby flannel

I had a jelly roll of flannel, that, I have moved from place to place, until, I was tired of it. I decided I would just use the treadle at night to do a baby quilt with it. It wasn't supposed to be an official project. I was just sewing the strips together. But, it was across the couch for awhile, until, I was tired of it. The only way I could put it away, was to get it ready for quilting. geesh

It wasn't very big, so it just had to have borders. These are not the colors that are popular at Joann these days. I found a plain gray that might work. Not by itself, so I got busy and made piano key borders with the leftovers. 

much better

I found a dark blue piece of flannel in my stash for the back, and, it had already been washed - bonus. I made the binding from a remnant I had. So, now, it is officially a project hanging in the closet for another time.