Monday, December 14, 2020

grassy creek 2

Saturday was an all day sew day. And, I used the time to work on my grassy creek mystery quilt from quiltville. It seemed harmless enough... 25 sets of matching  blah blah blah. I didn't cut the pieces until the morning of, so, I didn't have a lot of time to think through the math. I just cut a bunch. I spent 3 hours sewing the pieces, and, I still wasn't done. 25 sets was actually 400 pieces. hmmm. I chained pieces in their sets, which was a little fiddley. I cut them after each set. 

After lunch, I sewed the chained sets into little blocks. I had 24 sets by the time I went home. I still need to trim and cut and sew the last set. For not doing the math, I was pretty lucky to be just one set short on pieces.

We had some great projects to see.

We did take a few minutes in the afternoon to play ring toss on the reindeer. It was a hoot, or should I say a snort.

We started the year, in January, with a retreat together, with no idea what the year had in store for us. By summer, we still had not known anybody that had covid. Now, all of us have heard of someone. The building we met in is in front of our walmart. I was shocked when I left for home, that all the walmart parking lot was full to the brim. Crazy people. 

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  1. I would love to see how you played ring toss on the antlers..... Sounds like a lot of fun! I noticed the same packed parking lot in front of Kohls near me. On the other hand I was running into JoAnns for a few things. I could only get half of what I wanted. But I was in and out really fast -- didn't need anything cut. Then back to the sewing machine. We ordered almost all of our presents but it's a toss up if we'll get them all in a reasonable time.

  2. Very fun share. You got a lot of sets finished!

  3. You will have to explain how to place the reindeer game, and where you bought the antlers. Looks like fun. You made good progress on Bonnie’s mystery quilt!

  4. Wow, you did well on clue #2. Your group has some lovely projects in the works. Walmart is off limits, not that we go there all that often anyway, only when we absolutely can't avoid it.

  5. The deer game looks like fun. Merry Christmas to you. Your projects are nice too