Monday, December 21, 2020

progress on country roads

 I have been anxious to lay out my country roads blocks and choose a setting. I have no idea how many blocks I will need, now that, I have decided on an on point layout for the blocks.  My first choice was the fabric for the alternate blocks. And, then, the setting triangles fabric. I am just using some favorite colors that I already have in the stash. I am using the companion ruler to cut the setting triangles, although, I know I have an actual setting triangle ruler somewhere very safe.

the first corner goes so fast

I laid it out on our bed to get an idea of how long I want the middle diagonal to be. And, I will go from there. At first, I was just making rows, but, I want to start sewing it together, since, I am always surprised at how much it shrinks up after sewing it together.

country roads is a free pattern that I have made for the rainbow scrap challenge this year.

I am linking:


  1. That's going to be a nice spring-looking quilt. It always helps to sew up a row to see how much it will "shrink."

  2. Very pretty layout! I like your fabric choices of the light blue and the yellow for the setting pieces.

  3. Very nice layout. I have an app on my phone (from Kaufman fabrics) that gives me the setting triangle sizes to cut.

  4. The light blue setting blocks are so pretty, and then the yellow is nice and cheery around it all!