Monday, December 28, 2020


Next year, 2021, I want to work on my swap houses block quilt. Four of my quilting friends and I swapped little 4 1/2 inch houses in 2015

My friend, and one of the swap partners, suggested we bring them to the Saturday sew in, and, at least, take a look at them. Maybe, by doing that, our heads might start percolating ideas for the quilt. It did mine. I knew I wanted to have trees in the mix, so I tried a few and was hooked. They are busy, the houses are busy, so I will need a sashing, I think.

just need trimmed

One comment we both made, was how we had forgotten just how cute the houses were. I am looking forward to making that quilt next year.

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  1. Oooo, trees! I'm looking forward to seeing these put with your houses. :)

  2. A swap sounds like a fun way to get blocks made for a quilt! Looking forward to seeing this project come together.