Monday, January 18, 2021

grassy creek 4 and my project box

It took some time, but, grassy creek mystery quilt at quiltville part #4 is done. I was pleased with how the pieces fit together, but, after ironing, I am wondering if they are a little wonky. Time will tell.

As part of the rainbow scrap challenge at so scrappy, I am working on pink ufos, I have finished  two love pillowcases and a flannel donation quilt. I am nearly done with flannel quilt #2, so I indulged with choosing another pink ufo - zuckerwaite from Bonnie Hunter book string fling. All I have finished are the string blocks. I made them in 2017. This quilt uses a massive amount of  HSTS - ( half square triangles ). So I need to get cutting. Even if that is all I get done this month, it is progress.

While I had the project box out of storage, I took some pictures to remind me of what was in there. I have Bonnie hunter's dawn's early light string blocks made.

And a Christmas sparkle quilt all cut out, including backing fabric. I found this as a quilt along here. I cut it out in 2018 while I had my Christmas fabrics out for something else. It looks like I have a few happy sewing days ahead of me. I love my project boxes.

my grassy creek mystery quilt at quiltville

clue 1

clue 2

clue 3

Clue 4 A

Clue 4 B

clue 5

clue 6

clue 7

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  1. What fun to find hidden treasures! LOL

  2. I use plastic bins for my current projects.... some I'm actually working on! But things I've grown tired of are stashed in plastic bags like yours and put in open bins. You've got some wonderful projects ready to work on. Hope you make a little progress on these this week.

  3. I love that you label your projects like that. Keeping track of all of the parts and remembering what goes with what can be such a challenge when you have multiple works in progress simultaneously!

  4. Those Grassy Creek blocks sure are cool! A lot of good work there.

  5. Those clue 4 blocks do take a bit of stitching. I've just got three left to make thankfully. Looks like you do have some fun UFOs to pick up this year.