Monday, January 4, 2021

grassy creek mystery

I have been completely engrossed in organizing my quilting goals for this year, that, I completely forgot about quiltville's mystery grassy creek. I didn't even remember to go get the clues during the holidays. If I hadn't stumbled upon the bag of fabric, I might have forgotten completely. So, I quickly, cut the parts for clue 3. I use the word quickly sarcastically. I really dislike the matchy matchy in sets parts. 

I used an accuquilt die that I have had for awhile, but, never opened. That seemed fortuitous. And, it had 4 pieces to cut at a time, which helped making matching sets.

I was going to wait to sew the parts together. But, I started sewing them at the treadle. sewing the red and neutral was easy enough. They are one or two threads over and under the goal for size. I don't think I will trim them.

I tried one set of complete triangle to check for size. I don't really understand how to check. They are the right size tall, and, I have 1/4 inch seams all around, so, I think they will work. I won't know until I do clue 4.


  1. Ooo - those turned out so pretty in your colors. Yeah - I would *love* having a die cutter if I were cutting out scrappy again for one of her quilts.

  2. I finally had to cut my fabrics and assemble kits for clue 3 too so I could keep all the sets together. Bonnie can certainly challenge my piecing skills.

  3. Always love seeing you work on her mysteries! I'm sitting this one out for now but like the colors so I know I'll get around to it at some point. Have fun!