Monday, January 11, 2021

more grassy creek mystery

Last week, I had the parts cut and 3 sewn for clue #3 of the quiltville grassy creek mystery quilt. I finished sewing all of clue 3.

I had a chance to cut for part #4. I cut and cut, and cut........ and repeat.

almost there

I only had time to sew a few quarter squares, and, then, added them to clue #3 on just one set. I find it takes a lot more time to cut matching and then sew in matching sets. I already find I was not mindful enough of matching the neutrals. And they fit and are the right size - hooray

clue 1

clue 2

clue 3

Clue 4

clue 5

clue 6

clue 7

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  1. yay for size! That would have been joy-killing. These are pretty units. At first I thought your neutrals photo was black and white, then I saw the bit of red up in the corner. :D

  2. You've done so well at keeping up. Bonnie's weekly stitching requirements aren't anything to sneeze at!